World of Tanks Bonus Codes [NA]

Sorry friends, but keeping the NA codes up to date and consistent requires more effort for which I am able to provide at this moment in time. I’ll be removing this page soon, but hope to provide NA codes as reliably as I do for EU codes in the future.


Please note that some bonus codes expire or have limited use. If an account has previously redeemed a code, it is very difficult to check if the code is still active, so I will provide a date for each, signifying when I know the code last worked.

These codes are for the NA region and are unlikely to work on other regions. NA players, please remember I’m from the EU region, which makes it difficult to test codes. EU players should see: World of Tanks Bonus Codes [EU] –

Have a code to submit? Please let me know!

To activate the code, simply click the link provided with each code, or from the Game Center, click your account name in the top-left and then the orange “Activate Wargaming Code” button.

Click each code to see their rewards

Page last updated 20.Nov.21 12:23 UTC


A 3 Day Rental of the Object 703 Version II, access to a special mission and x5 +200% (1hr) Combat XP Reserves.

[Redeem] 20.Nov.21


Small Fire Extinguisher

[Redeem] 02.Nov.21

Expired Codes


A 3 Day Rental of the Rheinmetall Skorpion G, access to a special mission and x5 +300% (1hr) Free XP Reserves.

[Redeem] 05.Nov.21


Gives you a mission to do 10,000 damage over any number of battles, eleven times.

On completion:

  • 7 Days of WoT Premium, and
  • M56 Scorpion (Tier VII American Tank Destroyer)
    • 1,800,000 credits compensation if you already own it.

[Redeem] 02.Nov.21

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