Welcome to TwoLinePush.com!

My name is John, better known as Cable_Player in World of Tanks. I am a University student in the South of England and have always had an interest in Tanks. I played World of Tanks here and there over the years, but didn’t start playing properly until September 2020 – I feel I have learned a great deal about the game, but there is always more to learn!

Not too long ago a ‘leak’ was being presented as fact and after a little investigation I found it to be ‘fake news’ – this frustrated me that the article could be copy/pasted to so many sites and presented as fact with minimal evidence, so I decided to create my own website dedicated to the subject. My apologies, but I have decided not to share a link to this particular article because it could be viewed as ‘the one in a thousand’ that slipped through. The sites I saw this article on are usually reliable and accurate and mistakes do happen!

Many of you have reached out to me with words of encouragement – thank you! I wouldn’t dream of TwoLinePush.com becoming an immensely popular website, but if I can deliver reliable information to a small community of enthusiasts, that’ll keep me happy!

If you’re interested:

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