I will not be returning to World of Tanks, or the replay analysis

Sorry friends, but I have made the decision to discontinue work on the Replay Analysis.

 I stepped away from the game a few months ago, and though I’ll probably return to play at some point in the future, I simply do not have the passion or enthusiasm for the game as I once did. I’m in my final year at university, which means I have essays and a dissertation to write – all must take priority over the dissertation-length replay analysis I had planned.

 When I asked you to send me your replays, the response I got blew me away. Over 100,000 replays were submitted, and I am forever thankful. On day one I promised that, once the analysis was complete, I would make available all of the data – you can click here to download a .xlsx file via Google Drive. You are most welcome to pick up where I left off and run your own analysis on the data. Don’t worry, as I previously stressed, all usernames are anonymised and player IDs redacted. The analysis was never about individuals, and any further analysis of this data ought not to be too.

 Thank you again for all of the support. To have started this blog and received the support I did from, in the grand scheme of things a fairly small proportion of the community, really drove me to improve the content I was producing.

 – Cable Player

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