This week’s Twitch mission

The weekly missions for Monthly Twitch Drops reset every Monday at 06:00 UTC.

Watch a participating channel for 60 minutes for 1 Token. After another 60 minutes (120 total) you can claim a mission which, upon completion, rewards 2 Tokens. You can claim the mission three times, but must watch for another 120 minutes each time to claim it. You can earn 7 Tokens this week, another 3 this weekend, 40 this month, and 120 before the Twitch Drops Store resets on August 15 at 05:00 UTC.

This week’s mission:

Cause 5,000 HP of damage over any number of battles

You have until July 4 at 06:00 UTC to claim the mission from Twitch and July 11 at 06:00 UTC to complete the mission for the Tokens.

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