Supertest Tank: Controcarro 1 Mk. 2

The Supertest will soon host the Italian Controcarro 1 Mk. 2 Tank Destroyer, the Tier IX representative of the new Italian Tank Destroyers tech tree branch.

This vehicle allows for both mid- and close-range gameplay. Starting from Tier VII, all vehicles will be armed with an autoloading gun, but this particular gun will work a bit differently from the classic guns you’re familiar with. In most cases, it’s best to play in vehicles of this branch like you would in a vehicle with a cyclic gun.

When comparing the gun characteristics of Italian Tank Destroyers with those of other vehicles in our game, you’ll see that this vehicle can quickly reload its magazine and cause high damage per shot, all without the need for a long reload time.

The vehicle boasts a 127 mm gun with a 4-shell autoloader. Loading time between shells takes 10 s, with an overall reloading time of 24 s. The armor penetration of a standard APCR shell is 255 mm, while a special HEAT shell penetrates 325 mm and a damage per shot is 490 HP.

The vehicle features reliable armor for its tier. The front hull and turret armor reaches 290 mm. The turret traverse angle is limited to 80 degrees.

Durability: 1,800 HP. Top forward speed: 35 km/h. Specific power: 13.1 h.p./t.

The Controcarro 1 Mk. 2 will have a similar gameplay to the top-tier of the branch with same strengths and weaknesses, but on a lower tier.

Additional Stats:
  • Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.24
  • Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.22
  • Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.1
  • Dispersion after shot – 8
  • Shell Velocity – 1252/756/756
  • Terrain Resistances – 1.4/1.6/3.2


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