Supertest Tank: T-26 CN

“The Chinese T-26 CN light tank will soon head to the Supertest. It’s armed with a 45 mm gun.

Damage per shot: 47 HP. Penetration with a standard Armor-Piercing shell: 51 mm, and 88 mm with a special APCR shell. Reload time: 2.3 s. Gun accuracy: 0.46 m. Aiming time: 2.3 s. Engine power: 90 h.p.; specific power: 9.4 h.p./t. Top forward speed: 36 km/h.

The T-26 CN is a classic low-tier light tank with gameplay similar to that of the researchable Soviet T-26.”

Low tier vehicles haven’t been outright sold for a while, so this is likely to be a Holiday Ops 2023 loot box vehicle.


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