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I have decided to change the way in which I operate

I recently posted about a change of direction I wanted to take for this ‘blog’, but if I look carefully at the outcome the only real change is that I no longer post about the Premium Store offers. (On a side note, I picked a good time for that, as Wargaming have been super aggressive with the Premium Store this month!). I picked up Escape from Tarkov a couple of weeks ago and am hooked, so am spending less time playing Tanks, but now that I have finished University for the year, I’ll likely be playing Tanks some more.

During the last couple of weeks I’ve missed some news articles here and there as I’ve focused on my coursework, but if I’m completely honest with you, I found myself using the coursework as an excuse not to churn out ‘content’. I’ve not lost my love of the game, nor for the meta outside of the game (leaks, news, rumours, Supertest etc.) but almost a year since conception, is not in the place I want it to be and I feel that the ideals which I formed the website on have not been met.

So, moving forward…

General News

I’m going to drastically cut down on posting general news, such as weekend specials (XP Fever, Team Effort etc.), but aim to continue to post about game modes, bonus codes and Twitch drops/Prime Gaming. Test Server news will continue to flow, and as it’s some of the more popular content, I would like to try and focus more in this area. Supertest tanks, for example, have multiple iterations which I don’t usually post about after their first, so I will aim to have these posted as soon as I can.

Sources are important, and I have neglected them for a long time. I am committed to accountability and reliability, and including a source of information is key to this – even if it’s just a post on the forums (for Supertest news etc.) or a ‘competitor’ leaks blog. is (albeit slowly) growing in terms of visitors, but is nowhere near some of the big ones, though this doesn’t bother me. I do not aim, nor wish, to be one of the most popular news/leaks blog – my goals have always been to supply reliable and accurate content and if just a small group of people find it useful, I’m happy. So, for this reason, it doesn’t bother me if I post a source to a ‘competitor’. I feel my original content is what will retain visitors – after all, who needs yet another copy/paste news site? I feel I have slipped away from the original goals, and this change will help me to bring TLP in-line with those original values.

Original Content

This is something I strive to create and get the most pleasure from doing so. My replay analysis has spanned six months so far and now that University is over for the year I have big plans to come. A call for more replays will be going out soon, to update the data set of the original data, but if you would like to send me your replays for analysis before the official call, more details can be found [here].

I used to post a month in review, rounding up all of the events of the month in one post. This content wasn’t so popular and often took too long to load due to the high image count. I recently switched to an In Case You Missed It formula, which appears to be working. The ICYMI posts will continue, however some of the links are likely to go directly to the website news articles, as I won’t have posted here about them.

Supertest News

With Wargaming’s withdrawal from Russia, they moved the Supertest from the RU servers to EU. This is big news for EU, and as far as I’m aware, Wargaming are nearly through the ~2,000 applications. I decided not to apply to the Supertest programme for a couple of reasons:

  • The Supertest is governed by a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement. If I applied and was accepted I would not break the NDA – if something is covered by it, it’s not leaking through me, period. This is counter-intuitive for the type of website I run, but I refuse to be one of those people. (I have fond memories of seeing people streaming Age of Empires Definitive Edition Closed Beta on Twitch with their unique identifier bouncing around the screen like the old DVD logo, and seeing them loose access to the game mid-stream because Microsoft removed their access). Also, from what I’ve been told by someone with community contributor programme knowledge, if a leak was posted on a different website, I still could not post about it with reference to that website, as the content is still covered by the NDA, effectively stopping all posts surrounding leaks and speculation.
  • It’s a big commitment. Over the summer I’ll be going back to working early mornings, so from the get-go it’d probably be tough for me to make an evening session, but even if I could make them, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to three or four two-plus hour sessions per week.

The Supertest is still something I’d love to be involved with, but now isn’t the right time. As I’ve already said, Supertest (and Common / Sandbox test) news will continue to flow on TLP.


What started as a quick FYI has turned into a 1,000 word essay, so let me close by thanking everyone who frequents TLP and finds the information here useful. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to fill out the Contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to what’s to come for TLP, especially the replay analysis.

– Cable_Player

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