Prime Gaming Returns!

Prime Gaming loot has returned to World of Tanks!

Click here to claim your loot

This month’s loot consists of the package added back in November, before Prime Gaming was put on hold.

Ragnar Bjornson unique commander

“Set Sail!” decal

“Until Valhalla!” medal

As well as x5 x5 XP missions, 1 day of WoT Premium and a new mission set with additional rewards.

Once all missions are complete, you will have earned x10 Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Large First Aid Kits, Large Repair Kits and x5 Missions, additional Crew XP and reserves.

You may chose two of the following:

  • x5 x5 XP Missions,
  • x5 Coffee with Cinamon Buns, or,
  • A 10 day rental of:
    • Lansen C (with a 15% discount to purchase),
    • M54 Renegade (with a 15% discount to purchase),
    • AT 15A (with a 20% discount to purchase), or
    • Type 64 (with a 30% discount to purchase).

The M54 Renegade and Type 64 would be my picks!

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