Supertest Map: Snow Resort

Game mode: Standard Battle
Map size: 1,000 x 1,000 meters
Location: Finland



1 – The main area for clashes between heavy vehicles, with a large number of firing positions to contain advances in this direction. The positions are located at different distances and heights, with different types of cover, allowing you to choose a position that suits you best.


2 – The main encounter area of medium tanks consists of two distant firing positions and contains a large number of firing lines, as well as terrain that allows for the use of its irregularities.


3 – The zone for closer encounters of medium tanks allows for the use of the protected sides of medium tanks (if there are any) at shorter distances. However, the area is open to fire from area #2.


4 – Areas for controlling movement on the map, as well as for preventing heavy tanks from driving to the rear.


5 – A zone for light tanks to spot initial movement in the heavy tanks’ direction. From here, firing lines are opened into the city.


6 – Positions behind bases create opportunities and diversity at the end of the battle.

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