Common Test 1.17: Recon Mission Returning

Recon Mission is returning in Update 1.17.

In today’s 1.17 Common Test we can see three maps we already know: Canyon, Airshipyard and Far East; and three new maps: Anykey, Kassel and Abruzzo. The file name may not reflect the map’s name.

As well as this, a new medal for completing the Recon Mission challenges:

Map Name: Canyon
File name: 117_canyon_ish
Read more: Supertest: Canyon Map Rebalance –

Map name: Airshipyard
File name: 120_graf_zeppelin_ish
Read more: Supertest: Airshipyard Map Rebalance –

Map Name: Far East
File name: 123_dalny_gg
Read more: Supertest: Far East Map Rebalance –

Map Name: Unknown
File name: 130_anykey_if
Possibly Manila: Supertest Map: Manila –

Map Name: Unknown
File name: 132_abruzzo

Map Name: Kassel
File name: 136_kassel
Read more: Supertest Map: Kassel –

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