Eggstravaganza Missions for Customizations

Available from April 15 at 05:00 through April 18 at 05:00 UTC

The mission objectives are secret, but this year Wargaming have provided hints. I have done my best to “decode” the hints, but might have got them wrong!

Wargaming don’t typically provide missions which force players to play as an SPG, but Egg Hunt #3 suggests you need to get splash damage. So, either you must play an SPG and get splash damage for that mission, I am wrong, or, and I prefer this theory: The person who wrote the mission doesn’t know the game they are working on and forgot that High Explosive mechanics changed in update 1.13. (It’s not like it doesn’t happen!)

MissionHint(Possible) ObjectiveRewardRestrictions
Egg Hunt Starts-Earn at least 1,000 points of base XP over any number of battles, and
Be among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned
x3 Easter Symbol decals, and
x1 Token
Random Battles,
Tier IV - X, and
Once per account
Egg Hunt #1Every hit you take, I'll be watching youEarn assisting damage?Unknown
Egg Hunt #2You can't fire me, but I can do perpetual damage to any vehicle until I stopSet an enemy on fire?Unknown
Egg Hunt #3Jumping in the water creates one of these. In the game, it can also damage vehicles when a particular shell is usedCause splash damage?Unknown
Egg Hunt #4Everyone wants us gone - get proof you have taken us outDestroy an enemy SPG>Unknown

Easter Symbol Decal

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