March 2022 – In case you missed it

In case you missed something in March, here’s the highlights.

I decided to rename the month in review due to me cutting back on the amount of content inside this post, but increasing the links to previous posts for each subject. Now, this can function as a quick reference list where you can click through to news you may have missed. Instead of spending time essentially re-writing old news, I can focus more on things like my Replay Analysis!

Events & Game Modes

Weekend Specials

Top of the Tree

Test Servers


In Other News

Premium Store - Click to expand

Premium Store

  • Rheinmetall Skorpion & Type 62 from March 4 through March 11
  • Bisonte C45 & VK 75.01 (K) from March 8 through March 15
  • GSOR 1008 with Polar Star 3D Style & Caernarvon Action X with Fear Naught 2D Style from March 11 through March 18
  • TS-5 with G.I. Joe Breakthrough Tank (B.T.T.) 3D Style and T-54 first prototype with Cobra Battle Operation Assault Tank (B.O.A.) 3D Style from March 11 through March 25
  • FV4202 with Four-Leaf Clover 3D Style and T77 from March 15 through March 22
  • SU-130PM with Altai Fox 3D Style & T-34-3 from March 18 through March 25
  • Bretagne Panther and Škoda T 27 with Jan Žižka 3D Style from March 22 through March 29
  • FV1066 Senlac & T78 with Federalist 2D Style from March 25 through April 1
  • CS-52 LIS with Fox Fur 2D Style & M41D from March 29 through April 5

In-Game Store

KV-5 and Lansen C

Don’t forget to check out the bonus-codes, some may still work!

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