A change of direction for TwoLinePush.com

When I started TwoLinePush.com in June 2021 I wanted it to be a source of unique content and a reference point for things like vehicle and style galleries.

I’ve recently been spending less time playing World of Tanks and my motivation to play the game is at an all time low. I was starting to develop an unhealthy relationship with the game, so the fact that I’m spending less time playing is only a good thing.

With this lower game activity, I’ve decided to restructure how I’m running TwoLinePush.com:

  • I’m not going to post about premium store offers anymore – instead, if the vehicle being sold isn’t in my growing collection of galleries for Tanks or Styles, I’ll post the new gallery, but without the links to the premium store. Anybody who is interested in buying a vehicle is not going to find it only because I posted about it – you’re likely to see it on the official World of Tanks website, the game launcher, other WoT leaks & news sites, or even at the back of your garage.
    • This applies for official news too, although I’ll probably still provide a [TL;DR] for the major events.
  • I made a start at sorting the many categories of posts, but did not finish – I’ll clear these up soon and improve the navigation so there isn’t a hundred different things to be looking at. It’s a mess at the moment and my brain itches every time I look at it.
  • Supertest news will still be posted, and I’m hoping to post more than just the initial supertest release for vehicles (i.e. when they receive rebalances on the supertest).
  • And of course, I’ll continue to post “datamining” finds and leaks.

This slight deviation in the direction the website has been taking will help me to maintain a healthy relationship with the game, but also enable me to spend more time on unique content, such as my Replay Analysis. I’m only just getting started with it and look forward to what’s to come!

Thank you all for your support so far.


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