Supertest Map: Plantation

  • Combat mode: standard combat.
  • Size: 1000×1000 meters.
  • Location: Indonesia.

1. The main place of collision of heavy equipment. Multi-level terrain with the ability to conduct combat both from the hull and from the tower.

2. Alternative, less protected place of passage and collision of heavy equipment.

3. The main area of ​​responsibility for light vehicles, contains a large number of bushes for passive light on an equal footing with the terrain and shelters for active light.

4. The main collision zones of medium tanks. Active hostilities, ambush tactics.

5. Positions for effective play for anti-tank vehicles in the main areas and for protecting the base in the last phase of the battle.

6. Positions for covert movement of medium tanks to positions in the centre of the map, opportunities for covert manoeuvres in the last phase of the battle.

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