April Monthly Rundown

150k YouTube Subscriber Celebration comes to an end in April, with 7 final Bonus Codes.

Weekend Challenge – missions for large consumables: 1st  – 4th

Top of the Tree Leopard 1 and T110E4 – 5th April to 5th May
This is not the “new” Top of the Tree, just a stand-in until the “new” one arrives.

Birthday Celebrations with in-game discounts: 8th – 12th
Anniversary Missions 8th – 18th

Eggstravaganza missions for customization items: 15th – 18th

Crew is Crucial missions: 22nd – 25th

Monthly Twitch Drops ends 25th April. You must complete the last mission by May 2. Shop closes May 9th 05:00 UTC. Unspent tokens are lost!
After this, the shop will refresh with new items and the new drops campaign will start.

Tiger Day with Twitch Drops via Bovington Tank Museum – 23rd

XP Fever Missions: April 29th – May 2nd

7v7 Tournaments – 30th April & 1st May

1.16.1 in April with Frontline and the new Art of Strategy RTS game mode.



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