Supertest: Far East Map Rebalance

Based on players’ feedback from Recon Mission, it was determined that it was hard to cross the runway, both when attacking and retreating. Also, according to the feedback, the center of the map was barely used, which has now been improved. Additionally, there were problems capturing the base when attacking from the mountain, and the lower-left corner of the map was unevenly occupied—the right team usually got there first.

Before / After
Slide to the left to see the new map

1. Small indestructible covers have been added to the base circles from the town side.  Previously, the house in the circle was destructible and did not provide cover.
2. To balance the approach time and balance between the teams, the terrain and cover positions in the lower-left corner of the map have been slightly changed.
3. Significant changes to the center of the map. Based on players’ feedback, additional routes and covers have been added to introduce more variety and use the center more actively.
4. Based on players’ feedback, small covers have been added on the runway near the bases on the hillside for more comfortable movement from one side of the runway to the other.

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