Supertest: Airshipyard Map Rebalance

Two zones have been changed: medium tanks direction (1) and the central part of the map intended for light tanks (2).


A. Increase the interest in the medium area by creating an active connection with the center of the map, adding new positions and covers.

B. Improve the position of light tanks on the map by reworking the terrain and adding more vegetation.

C. Increase the number of positions for tank destroyers.

1. A tunnel has been added to that area as a comfortable fighting point. The railway has been shifted to the edge of the map. A lot of terrain irregularities as cover, as well as a large amount of vegetation have been added.
Before / After
Slide to the left to see the new map
2. The center of the map connects the medium and heavy tank directions. Terrain, cover, and bushes make this area convenient for light tanks.

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