February 2022 – Month in Review

Welcome to another edition of TwoLinePush.com’s Month in Review, where I summarise last month’s events and activities. Typically these posts have been extremely image-heavy and take a long time to load, which breaks engagement. So, instead of essentially piling all news items into one page, I’m going to summarise events and provide more read more links enabling you to not only be able to load the page faster, but also pick-and-choose what you want to read!

Events - Click to expand
The key event of February was the disaster of the Trading Caravan and Missions were also available to celebrate Winter Sports and Valentines.

Winter Sports Missions

Missions for camouflages and decals to celebrate the 2022 Winter Sports ran from February 4 through February 20. Bundles for these items were available for Gold.

Read more about the Winter Sports Missions…

Valentines Missions and Discounts

Missions for emblems and decals along-side discounts on tech tree premiums celebrated Valentines Day this year, and of course the Löwe with Anhalt Lion 3D Style was also available.

Read more about the Valentines Missions and Discounts…

Trading Caravan

The Trading Caravan ran from February 15 to February 20 and was a mini black-market event, featuring the new Soviet Tier VIII Heavy, the Kirovets-1, for 15,000,000 credits and T-22 medium for 25,000 bonds. The Foch 155 was also available for 20,000 bonds, as well as many other premium vehicles and bundles.

The event was a disgrace from the start, with people having to spend hours to wait for it to work (it still crashed regularly right up to the end of the event) and millions of credits to roll a deal only to not be able to afford the deal.

The event was predatory and left a bad taste in the mouths of many individuals. Some, including myself, argued the case with Wargaming Support and received refunds for erroneous rerolls, others weren’t so fortunate.

Read more about the Trading Caravan…


Weekend Specials - Click to expand
Crew is Crucial and Choose Your Difficulty ran along side the Winter Sports and Valentines Missions.

Crew is Crucial Missions ran from February 18 through February 21, with the usual discount on crew specialization changes and missions for x2 Crew XP.

Read more about Crew is Crucial Missions and Discounts…

Chose Your Difficulty Missions returned with a discount on vehicle customizations and Free XP conversion, as well as in-game deals on the Carnival Night and Carnival Day 2D Styles.

Read more about the Choose your difficulty missions and offers…

Top of the Tree - Click to expand
On February 5, the Centurion Action X replaced the Object 268 Version 4 and on February 20, the Manticore replaced the Pz.Kpfw. VII as Top of the Tree.

Test Servers - Click to expand
Common Test 1.16 arrived, revealing details of Battle Pass Season VII, and three maps found their way to the Supertest.

Common Test 1.16 and Battle Pass Season 7

Common Test 1.16 went live on February 3, revealing details about Battle Pass Season 7. It was clear that there would be changes to rewards compared to Season 6, but Wargaming didn’t share much information until the official Battle Pass announcement days later.

Read more about Battle Pass Season 7…

Supertest Maps

Three maps went to the Supertest in February. A new 1,100m x 1,100m Western European Summer map “Kassel”, a 1000m x 1000m Southeastern Asian Summer map “Manila” and The Recon Mission Map “Outpost” went in for rebalances.

Read more about the Kassel Map…

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Twitch Drops - Click to expand

A new style of Twitch Drops – Monthly Twitch Drops was introduced for the first week of February. Each week tune into your favourite Twitch streamer and earn Tokens and Missions which reward Tokens to spend in the Monthly Twitch Drops Store. There were also unannounced Twitch Drops on Valentines Weekend.

Read more about Monthly Twitch Drops…

Premium Store - Click to expand
  • Primo Victoria, FCM 36 Pak 40 & FCM 50 t from February 4 through February 11,
  • M4A3E8 Fury, Sherman VC Firefly & Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman as a Collector’s Gem from February 7 through February 14,
  • Löwe with Anhalt Lion 3D Style, 105 leFH18B2, Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J & Love Machine 2D Style as a Valentines Sale from February 8 through February 15,
  • AMX Chasseur de chars, Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC & 2D Styles for Gold
    • Dazzle 2D Style
    • Cold-weather Korean Military 2D Style
  • Defender, Object 252U & 2D Styles from February 22 through March 1
    • General Frost 2D Style
    • 23 2D Style
    • Homeland 2D Style
    • Dynamic Shield 2D Style
  • Progetto M35 mod. 46 from February 25 through March 4, and
  • ISU-122S, TS-5 & T25 Pilot Number 1 from February 27 through March 6.

In other news... - Click to expand
TragicLoss confirms the Black Market will not return in 2022, and I take a look at the Additional Grousers equipment.

On February 16, it was confirmed that the Black Market would not return in 2022. It was up in the air as we had the Under the Hammer event in January and the Trading Caravan in February – could it be Wargaming are going to run more frequent cash-grabs like these instead of the Black Market, or has the negative reception from them been enough for them to go back to the single Black Market event next year? Only time will tell.

Read more about the Black Market…

And finally, I looked at every vehicle in the game comparing their stats with Additional Grousers equipped and a Turbocharger equipped. Typically, vehicles with high (bad) terrain resistance values will benefit from a higher top speed using Additional Grousers instead of a Turbocharger. The list was surprising in some areas, though ultimately boils down to a personal preference.

Read more about Grousers > Turbo?…




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