[UPDATE] Trading Caravan Compensation

Update: Don’t take no for an answer! Argue your case logically and ask for explanations. I finally received a refund for my shuffles, with Wargaming admitting they were made during issues.

Original post:

After the disgraceful Trading Caravan event, it looks like Wargaming will be sending global compensation out by way of apology.

We should have an official announcement later today, but it looks like we will each receive “3 days of WoT premium, x5 XP missions, a 2D style and more”.

I contacted player support to express my disgust in the fact that I had to spend millions of credits to have the privilege of being presented a deal I could not afford (T-22 medium) and they sent me to the official forums, where people had been reporting that their credits for shuffling had been refunded. They are ignoring my questions and appear to be giving people special treatment (my request was refused because they could not “find any erroneous shuffles”).

So, instead of just refunding people their credits for shuffling for deals that had sold out, or they could not afford, it looks like our “apology” will be 3 days of premium to add to our 1000 and a 2D style to add to the many in the garage we don’t use.

I hope Wargaming prove me wrong. But it’s Wargaming. What should we have expected?



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