Trading Caravan Sneek Peek

The Trading Caravan Event has started on the ASIA server, giving us a glimpse as to what to expect on EU.

Deals offered were:

Kirovets-1 for 15m credits [ref]
ISU-152K for 9,000 credits
M 41 90 GF for 9,000 credits
T-34-85 Rudy for 5.5m credits
180 Day sof WoT Premium for 12,150 gold
T-34-3 (7 Day Rental) for 1.5m credits
T25 Pilot for 8.5m credits [ref]
Type 59 for 6,300 gold [ref]
VK 168.01 P for 7.5m credits [ref]
Foch 155 for 20k bonds [ref]
T-22 medium for 25k bonds [ref]

ASTRON Rex for 1 credit (apparently legit)

Note: I don’t have any credits on ASIA, so cannot reroll for more deals. The prices may be different for EU (they usually are for these sort of events), but this gives us an idea as to how much we may be spending in a couple of hours.

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