Trading Caravan [TL;DR]

February 15 at 15:00 – February 20 at 23:59 UTC

Full article: Trading Caravan: Get Good Deals for In-Game Currency! (

  • Bundles available for credits, gold, or bonds
    • Including the new Soviet Tier VIII Heavy Kirovets-1
    • Also SU-130PM, T-22 medium, IS-3A and more
    • Premium vehicles for 7 day rental
    • 2D and 3D Styles
    • Improved (bond) equipment
    • 180 / 360 days of WoT Premium
  • You will only be offered deals you do not already own
  • Shuffle (replace a deal) 3 times for free, then 75,000 credits
  • Save up to 6 bundles for later
  • Click the like button to vote for an item – more votes = higher discount
  • Limited stock on some items

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