Valentines Missions and Discounts

Available from February 8 at 05:00 CET through February 15 at 05:00 UTC


Cause damage equal to the health of your vehicle in 3 battles for x3 Chocolate and x3 “Heart” emblems.

Cause 3,333 HP oif damage over any nummber of battles in which you play top 10 in your team by XP earned for x3 Chocolate and x3 “Card 5” emblems.

Destroy at least 3 enemy vehicles in a battle you survive for x3 Chocolate and x3 “To Love All Vehicles Yield Surrender” decals.

Only in Random Battles, Tier IV – X and each Once per account.

50% off Tech Tree Premiums

Valentine II (1,000 500 Gold)

Matilda Black Prince (1,750 875 Gold)

Matilda IV (1,500 750 Gold)

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