Monthly Rundown: February 2022

Top of the Tree
Centurion Action X: 5th – 5th
Manticore: 20th – 20th

Winter Sports Celebrations: 4th – 20th
Missions for Emblems, Decals and Camo

Global Map Campaign: 7th – 21st

Happy Valentine: 8th – 15th
Missions for Emblems, Decals and Chocolate

Crew is Crucial: 18th – 21st
Missions for x2 Crew XP, Large Consumables & Personal Reserves

Choose your Difficulty: 25th – 28th
Missions for XP multipliers

NEW Monthly Twitch Drops
Earn tokens by watching participating channels.
Spend tokens on 2D styles and Premium vehicles.
Token Store refreshes every three months.

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