Possible Marathon January 28 – February 7 for WZ-114

Some new artwork (above) is circulating of the Tier IX WZ-114 with a 3D Style.

It has been “leaked” within the Chinese community that the vehicle will feature as a marathon vehicle soon, but all I can find right now is [this] (basically the image above), but nothing on the Chinese website. 

I otherwise wouldn’t post this without more information (specifically, evidence), but as there is a micropatch scheduled for January 26, it could be that Wargaming are planning to start a Marathon on January 28 – other leak websites suggest the marathon will start on Friday. 

If so, it ought to be announced tomorrow, and I’ll find the marathon in the game files on Wednesday after the micropatch. As it’s a tier IX, you can expect the grind to be harder (like with the Strv K): ~265,000 XP. More soon (hopefully!)

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