Auction for rare vehicles to start January 14

An auction for rare vehicles will start on January 14

Bid in Gold or Free XP for five rare vehicles between January 14 and 19.

It is being reported that this is a replacement for the Black Market, but I cannot find anything to suggest this, so it’s possible this is a separate event to the Black Market.

What vehicles will be available?

No official word yet, however in the video:

The numbers 10810810 appear: Tier 10, 8, 10, 8, 10 vehicles will be available.

The number 53.6 appears in a triangle: Triangle is the Tank Destroyer icon, multiply 53.6 by 5 to get 268. Object 268 v5.

The envelope is similar to the recruit program – could the once exclusive T95E2 be making a comeback?

Theatrical Binoculars appear: 113 Beijing Opera.

The hare/rabbit: ‘Hare’ is the nickname given to the Type 59 in the Chinese servers, so most likely the Type 59 G. Or (unlikely) the Year Hare Affair crossover (Chinese server exclusive).

Golden egg: WZ-111 Qilin.

Update 13/01/22

It’s being widely reported that the Object 268 v5, 113 Beijing Opera, AMBT, Type 59 Gold and WZ-111 Qilin will be the featured vehicles (in that order).

The Object, 113 and AMBT have each had their “secret” and “private” tags removed – they are ready for release. Also, the 113 was added in today’s update along side it’s unique crew – we can safely assume these three tanks will appear.

As for the Type 59 G and WZ-111 Qilin – there’s no evidence to suggest these tanks will be featured, other than the educated guesses made based from the video below:

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