Another advertising mistake by Wargaming – the difference between a “c” and “k”!

Oops! Wargaming have made another advertising mistake, this time advertising the wrong Skorpion in the Advent calendar for North America.

The Skorpion (Tier VIII German Tank Destroyer) is today’s advent calendar vehicle, but for the North America region it is advertised as the Scorpion (Tier VII American Tank Destroyer).

In Wargaming’s favour, the more expensive vehicle is the one that is being sold, and it’s just a labelling error for the cheaper vehicle – if you click on the M56 Scorpion in the garage you can only buy it by going through the “To Calendar” button, and then once you decide to buy it with Gold or real money, it is correctly advertised as the Rheinmetall Skorpion. Should it be the other way around (advertising the Tier VIII, but giving the Tier VII) it might have lead to more compensation for players!

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