Alienware Bonus Code Giveaway

Get some emblems, equipment, a rental and Premium Account by registering with Alienware.

Go to the following link and register for Alienware:
World of Tanks Bonus Code Key Giveaway | Alienware Arena

You will then have a code appear (pictured above, top-right, where the red line is), which can be redeemed normally through the WG Game Centre / Website.

You will get:

  • 3 days WoT Premium Account
  • 3 Days Rental KV-122
  • X1 Improved Hardening Class 2
  • X1 Improved Ventilation Class 2
  • X1 Gun Rammer Class 2
  • X6 Emblem  “Emblem 1”

There are a limited number codes to be claimed! (About 4,000 when I claimed mine)

5 thoughts on “Alienware Bonus Code Giveaway

  1. Unfortunately, it does not work. Alienware does not accept my account with the error message “We have detected a password that does not meet our new password requirements. For your security, please change your password.” Very sad, since this is not true, my password does meet these requirements.

      1. I had this same issue, so I sent a password recovery email to myself and logged out, when I redid the password it took me several tries and I was able to get passed this but now I cannot find the Get Key Button.

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