Yet another mistake on the WG website leads to mass compensation

An infographic on the World of Tanks website suggested the decorations in Large loot boxes would be unique when dropped.

This implied a 75 box package would complete a collection – it did not. Decorations dropped were not random, and many duplicates were received.

Reddit has been up in arms about this, with some users going as far as reporting Wargaming to various governing bodies. Wargaming have just now made a statement on the World of Tanks NA Discord Server, Forums and Reddit:

In regards to the non-duplicate decoration error listed on our article explaining the Large Boxes mechanics, we’re going to be crediting 1,500 shards and 1 Anti-Duplicator charge per Large Box purchased from the sale start to two hours after the article was corrected as compensation.

This issue only affected our NA article and was due to a miscommunication on our part causing the wrong infographic to be used.

We apologize for this mistake and for the radio silence while we were trying to understand the full scope of the error.

Currently, we’re gathering all the affected purchases now and will have the compensation sent out as soon as possible.

Edit: NA article was corrected at Noon (12PM) Central time on Dec 9th. Compensation is for up to 2 hours after this time.”

[MAJOR PSA] North American Region Affected Only; Non-duplicate decoration in large holiday boxes error in article, compensation details inside. : WorldofTanks (

This suggests only North America will receive compensation, whereas many people on Reddit are adamant this mistake was made on the EU website, too. Honestly, I didn’t pay too much attention to it, and can’t find the mistake on a cached EU article. Although many people disagree, Dwigt, a Wargaming Employee has commented on this, saying the mistake had not been made on the EU website:

The amount of mistakes that make it through the proofing stage (if there even is one) is laughable. For instance, when the G.I. Joe promotion first ran, the 3D Styles were advertised as new vehicles, identical to the T-54 first prototype and TS-5. This was later changed to make it clear that they were not new vehicles, and they were in fact 3D Styles for the existing vehicles.

“The famous adversaries from G.I. Joe and Cobra have come to World of Tanks to settle their scores in their impressive new vehicles, the B.T.T. (having the same stats as the TS-5) and the B.O.A. (having the same stats as the T-54 first prototype).”

Another example, which happens more frequently, are the infographics for Twitch Drops, often contradicting what the article they are used in says.

We’ll see how this plays out – I feel Wargaming will have a stance that they have already dealt with the situation and are now on damage control. Are you on the NA server? Do you feel that the 1,500 Shards and 1 Anti-Duplicator per Large Box is fair enough compensation? Let me know!

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