November 2021 – Month in Review

Events - Click to expand
Mirny-13 led us into the month, featuring the King Tiger (C) as the main reward, as well as new 3D Styles for various vehicles.
Tank Wars also returned for Round 6 - an Armistice Day special.
Frontline returned for it's final stage this year, with no changes between stages.
Towards the end of the month, the Legend of the Hunter Challenge kicked off with the AltProto AMX 30.

Mirny-13: Operation Hope

Mirny-13: Operation Hope ran from October 28 through November 11. The game mode was riddled with bugs – some were game-breaking, others were an inconvenience. As a result, we saw several unscheduled micropatches in the first few days to fix these issues.

Overall the event went down well – I enjoyed it, but once I unlocked the King Tiger (C) I found my patience for helping others was wearing thin.

The main rewards/premium shop purchases for the event were the King Tiger (C) with it’s 3D Style and new 3D Styles for Tier X vehicles:

King Tiger (C) with Nox Tenebris 3D Style

Pointer 3D Style for Manticore

Blitzlicht 3D Style for Leopard 1

Rhyolite 3D Style for IS-7

Read more about Mirny-13…

Tank Wars Round 6

Tank Wars ran from November 11 through November 18 (registration started November 5). It featured the Churchill I and BDR G1 B as the hero tanks and a new reward system. For the first time it was possible to buy Tank Wars points as part of Premium Store bundles.

The rewards ranged from France / UK emblems and food, personal reserves, directives, the “Lest We Forget” Inscription and the 1918 2D Style.

Missions could be completed in any of the following vehicles:

Team Churchill I Team BDR G1 B
Churchill I BDR G1 B
Churchill VII ARL 44
Black Prince AMX M4 mle. 45
Caernarvon AMX 65 t
Conqueror AMX M4 mle. 51
Super Conqueror AMX M4 mle. 54
FV4202 AMX M4 mle. 49
Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté
Caernarvon Action X Somua SM
T77 AMX Chasseur de chars
M4A1 Revalorisé

Read more about Tank Wars…

Legend of the Hunter Challenge

The marathon had been expected for some time until Wargaming finally announced it a couple of days before it started. The vehicle itself doesn’t have anything to make it stand out from the crowd, but Wargaming decided to keep the Tier IX price – £65 at full price…

Read more about the AltProto AMX 30…

Weekend Specials - Click to expand
This month we celebrated Armistice Day with free decals and in-game discounts.
We also saw x1.5 XP, Team Effort and Black Friday specials.

x1.5 XP Weekend

From November 5 through November 8 you could earn a x1.5 XP multiplier for placing among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned.

Armistice Day Special

From November 11 through November 18 a free decal could be claimed via the World of Tanks Portal and there were several in-game discounts on Tech Tree vehicles and on Free XP conversion.

Team Effort Missions

From November 19 through November 22 if you dealt damage equal to or greater than your vehicle’s HP in battle you earned tokens towards Team Effort Missions, which rewarded you with Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Large First aid Kits and Large Repair Kits.

Top of the Tree - Click to expand
On November 5, the Kranvagan replaced the WZ-132-1 and on November 20, the M48A5 Patton replaced the IS-4 as Top of the Tree.

Kranvagn, Swedish Heavy, November 5 through December 5

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M48A5 Patton, American Medium, November 20 through December 20

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Leaks & Speculation - Click to expand
Very little leaked this month, and there hasn't been a great deal to speculate about either.
However, I did speculate that Vinny Jones could be our Holiday Ops commander this year, after he has been featured in a marketing campaign for the RU region.

This month I was attempting to guess what vehicle could be featured in the Marathon Challenge and was a bit dissapointed when the Object 590 wasn’t announced. It’s my mistake though – I should have payed closer attention to the vehicles which have been marked as ready for release by wargaming. Now that the AltProto AMX 30 is available, only one vehicle has this status.

World of Tanks RU have a unique benefit for members of a game subscription service, including unlimited premium and rental of a 703 II or T-44-100 & more

Vinny Jones is leading the latest marketing campaign for this service and it got me thinking about who the Holiday Ops 2022 Commander could be.

Hilariously, I joked about it being Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier this month, but never thought that would happenOuch

Test Servers - Click to expand
The Assault game mode had new maps added to the rotation and the Frontline map Kraftwerk had several balance changes.
The Berlin Map Rebalance made it's way to the Common Test 1.15, as well as two new 3D Styles: Garmr for the Kampfpanzer 50 t and Hellraiser for the M60.
Several new vehicles were added to the Supertest, including the M-VI-Y, WZ-114 (as a Tier IX), AMBT, M-III-Y, M-II-Y, T-34M-54 and the Pawlack Tank.

Assault game mode

Redshire, Steppes, Mannerheim Line, Tundra, Overlord and Safe Haven have been added to the Assault game mode map rotation, whilst Ghost Town has received balance changes.

Read more about the assault game mode changes…

Kraftwerk rebalance

Several changes to the Frontline map, Krawftwek were published to better balance the map between attackers and defenders.

Read more about the Kraftwerk balance changes…

Common Test 1.15: Berlin Re-Work

“We’ve significantly reworked the southern part of the map and created a new direction for medium and versatile heavy tanks, with completely redesigned terrain and objects. We relocated the main road and placed several indestructible objects along the flank to provide cover while advancing. Now the map will become more versatile in the choice of flanks.”

“We’ve also redesigned the urban zone by expanding it and making it more comfortable for heavy tanks. Now they will have more room to maneuver and many opportunities for positional stand-offs with opponents.”

Read more about the Berlin map re-work…

New 3D Styles

Garmr 3D Style for Kampfpanzer 50 t

Garmr 3D Style Images courtesy of

Hellraiser 3D Style for M60

Hellraiser 3D Style Images courtesy of

Supertest Tanks

M-VI-Y Supertest first iteration

Read more about the M-VI-Y…

WZ-114 Tier IX Supertest First Iteration

Read more about the WZ-114 Tier IX…

AMBT Supertest first iteration

Read more about the AMBT…

M-III-Y Supertest first iteration

Read more about the M-III-Y…

M-II-Y Supertest first iteration

Read more about the M-II-Y…

T-34M-54 Supertest first iteration

Read more about the T-34M-34…

Pawlack Tank Supertest first iteration

Read more about the Pawlack Tank…

Twitch Drops & Prime Gaming - Click to expand
The Creepin' it Real Prime Gaming bundle continues into November, and was extended to end mid-December. The next bundle, Time to Raid, was added on November 11.
There were three Twitch drops events this month, focusing mainly on Mirny-13 to begin with, followed by the Clan Showdown.

Prime Gaming

The “Creepin’ it Real” Prime Gaming bundle has been extended to December 15, at 11:00 UTC

Grab your loot


Choose two from:

  • A 10-day rental and 15% discount on:
    • VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher, Tier VIII German Heavy,
    • Lansen C, Tier VIII Swedish Medium,
  • A 10-day rental and 20% discount on:
    • AMX 13 57, Tier VII French Autoloader Light,
    • SU-122-44, Tier VII Soviet Tank Destroyer
  • x5 x5 XP Missions, and
  • x5 Coffee with Cinnamon Buns (Swedish Food Consumables).

Guaranteed rewards:

  • x5 x5 XP Missions,
  • x1 day of WoT Premium,
  • A brand-new set of missions, which must be completed using any of the four vehicles listed above,
  • “Happy Haunting!” decal,
  • “Trick or Trick” medal, and
  • “Care for Scare” 2D Style


Random Battles only, only in the above mentioned vehicles.

Mission Name Objective Reward Restrictions
Creepin' It Real Play a battle and win, and
Be in the top 10 players by XP earned.
x2 Crew XP, and
1 Token
Ten times per day
Creepin' It Real: 1st Reward Collect 10 Tokens, and
Play a battle and win.
x5 Large First Aid Kits, and
x5 +300% (1hr) Free XP Reserves.
Creepin' It Real: 2nd Reward Collect 20 Tokens, and
Play a battle and win.
x5 Large Repair Kits, and
x5 +300% (1hr) Crew XP Reserves.
Creepin' It Real: 3rd Reward Collect 40 Tokens, and
Play a battle and win.
x5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers, and
x5 +100% (1hr) XP Reserves.
Creepin' It Real: Final Reward Collect 60 Tokens, and
Play a battle and win.
x5 Large First Aid Kits,
x5 Large Repair Kits,
x5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers,
x10 Missions for x5 XP,
x10 Increased Focus Directives, and
x10 Focus on Target Directives.

Content for the next prime gaming package was added in November 11th’s update.

Time to Raid bundle

To Valhalla! medal

That’s right, we’re getting another commander!

Lift the sail! decal

Twitch Drops

Mirny-13 Drops active from October 28 at 10:00 through November 11 at 05:00 UTC

  • After 90 minutes: x6 Pumpkin emblem
  • After 150 minutes: x15 Keys
  • After 240 minutes: 1 day of WoT Premium Account

Mirny-13 Drops active from October 31 at 05:00 through November 1 at 05:00 UTC

  • After 60 minutes: x10 Keys
  • After 120 minutes: x3 “Grin in Profile 3” decal
  • After 180 minutes: x1 Jack-o’-Lantern 2D style

Clan Showdown

  • x5 Large Repair Kits, First Aid Kits and Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • x9 Clan Rivals camouflages
  • x15 Mark on History paints
  • x2 +50% (1hr) Combat XP reserves
  • 1 day of WoT Premium

And of course for Tank Wars

Premium Store - Click to expand

Premium Vehicle Sales

  • Type 62, available from November 2 through November 4,
  • WZ-120-1G FT, available as Tier VIII of the Week, from November 3 through November 10,
  • Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC & Somua SM, available as a Tank Wars special, from November 5 through November 18,
  • 50TP prototyp, with the Winged Hussar 2D Style, available from November 5 through November 9,
  • ISU-122S, available as a Collector’s Gem, from November 9 through November 11,
  • Kanonenjagdpanzer 105, available as Tier VIII of the Week, from November 10 through November 17
  • T77 & AMX Chasseur de chars, available from November 12 through November 18,
  • T42 “The Boys”, available from November 12 through November 21,
  • ISU-152K, available November 12 through November 16,
  • LTP, available in the 30 Day Monthly Premium bundle, from November 15 through December 15,
  • LT-432, CS-52 LIS w/ Fox Fur 2D Style & Skorpion/G, available from November 15 through November 22,
  • Cromwell B, available as a Collector’s Gem, from November 16 through November 18,
  • T26E4 SuperPershing, available as Tier VIII of the Week, from November 17 through November 24,
  • M54 Renegade w/ Dead or Alive 2D Style and Turtle Mk. I, available from November 18 through November 23,
  • IS-2, available as a Collector’s Gem, from November 23 through November 25, and
  • Chrysler K, available as Tier VIII of the Week, from November 24 through December 1.

Other Sales

  • x5 XP Mission Bundles, available from November 8 through November 15,
  • Credit & Gold Bundles, available from November 9 through November 17.

Black Friday


  • T34 B,
  • IS-6 B, and
  • Scwarzpanzer 58

2D Styles

  • Black Friday
  • Homeland
  • General Frost
  • Sense of Direction, Mk. I
  • Sense of Direction, Mk. II
  • Sense of Direction, Mk. III
  • Sense of Direction, Mk. IV
  • Sense of Direction, Mk. V
  • Moon Viewing
  • Autumn Wind
  • Ad Astra
  • Ice Shelf
  • Songkran, and
  • Sakura Storm.

3D Styles

  • Galahad for FV4005 Stage II,
  • Granite for IS-7,
  • Hel for Strv 103B,
  • Hellhound for T57 Heavy Tank,
  • Igelschnäuzchen for Grille 15,
  • Marengo for Bat.-Châtillon 25 t,
  • Tramontana for Panhard EBR 105,
  • Blackbuck for IS-2-II,
  • Jan Žižka for Škoda T 27,
  • Kampfgruppe Becken for E 75 TS,
  • Magnut for Object 274a,
  • Montu for IS-3,
  • Odin’s Wolves for Lansen C,
  • Oryx for Object 703 Version II,
  • Pike for IS-3,
  • Safari Corozzato for Progetto M35 MOD 46,
  • Ski Patrol for UDES 14 Alt 5,
  • Crimson Legion for KV-2, and
  • Kantemirovets for T-34-85.

In other news... - Click to expand
The mod I made for skill4ltu was approved on wgmods and the Well-Deserved Reward dropped on November 25, with changes to how you are rewarded.

skill4ltu bananamark mod

I recently created a modification, for skill4ltu, which replaces all Marks of Excellence with bananas.

The mod seems to have gone down well and a lot of people have been asking for it – that’s great! It took a while to be approved on wgmods, but it’s finally available. You can find it on here: skill4ltu bananamarks—Mods for World of Tanks (



Well-Deserved Reward

From: November 25

Get Your Well-Deserved Reward for 2021! (

1 Token per year of membership, new accounts get 2. Spend tokens to top-up your rewards via the in-game store.

4+ Years of membership get:

VK 28.01 105
Super Chaffee
Super Hellcat

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