1.15 expected December 8

Update 1.15 is expected on December 8

  1. ASIA: 6th
  2. NA: 7th
  3. EU/RU: 8th

This update will introduce the Berlin map rework, as well as various bug fixes.

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The primary reason for this test is to test the re-worked Berlin map.

All Sliders are Before / After

“We’ve significantly reworked the southern part of the map and created a new direction for medium and versatile heavy tanks, with completely redesigned terrain and objects. We relocated the main road and placed several indestructible objects along the flank to provide cover while advancing. Now the map will become more versatile in the choice of flanks.”

“We’ve also redesigned the urban zone by expanding it and making it more comfortable for heavy tanks. Now they will have more room to maneuver and many opportunities for positional stand-offs with opponents.”

“Plus, we’ve improved the central part of the map:

  • Redesigned the terrain
  • Removed most of the purely visual objects (e.g., various debris, trees, etc.)”

“To make battles on the Berlin map more balanced, we’ve also:

  • changed the base locations and removed the cover to prevent them from being captured too easily.
  • increased the distance between the ditches so that light tanks cannot occupy them too quickly.
  • divided and relocated the spawn points of medium and light tanks. On the one hand, this will make it easier for medium tanks to take a new direction; on the other, it will prevent medium tanks from occupying the bridge too early and dominating heavy tanks in the urban zone.
  • improved the lighting and color correction on the map.”

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