Black Friday 2021

The following packages are available from November 24 at 05:00 through November 30 at 05:00 UTC

Considering some of these 3D Styles are only available in Black Friday, their “Sale” price is a bit pricey in my opinion… Wargaming have failed to capture the spirit of Black Friday and instead are just trying to cash in on presenting rare items at a price…


T34 B
[£33.71] [£42.75] [£85.55]

IS-6 B
[£33.15] [£42.75] [£85.55]

Scwarzpanzer 58
[£25.20] [£42.75] [£85.55]

2D Styles

Black Friday 2D Style [£3.06]
Near identical to “Bargain” 2D Style

Collectors Bundle, [£29.95]
General Frost
Sense of Direction, Mk. I
Sense of Direction, Mk. II
Sense of Direction, Mk. III
Sense of Direction, Mk. IV
Sense of Direction, Mk. V
Moon Viewing
Autumn Wind
Ad Astra
Ice Shelf
Sakura Storm

3D Styles

Galahad for FV4005 Stage II [£16.14]

Granite for IS-7 [£14.65]

Hel for Strv 103B [£16.14]

Hellhound for T57 Heavy Tank [£14.65]

Igelschnäuzchen for Grille 15 [£14.65]

Marengo for Bat.-Châtillon 25 t [£14.65]

Tramontana for Panhard EBR 105 [£16.14]

Blackbuck for IS-2-II [£8.51]

Jan Žižka for Škoda T 27 [£13.14]

Kampfgruppe Becken for E 75 TS [£13.14]

Magnut for Object 274a [£8.51]

Montu for IS-3 [£8.51]

Odin’s Wolves for Lansen C [£11.71]

Oryx for Object 703 Version II [£8.51]

Pike for IS-3 [£8.51]

Safari Corozzato for Progetto M35 MOD 46 [£8.51]

Ski Patrol for UDES 14 Alt 5 [£8.51]

Crimson Legion for KV-2 [£8.51]

Kantemirovets for T-34-85 [£6.12]

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