November 17 at 06:00 – November 24 at 06:00 UTC

Pick up five cards. One will be an offer for credits, two for gold, one for real money and one for free. 

Be warned!

Historically, the daily deals could be considered predatory and false advertising. The deals were, in fact, more expensive than their usual sale prices, or the conversions worked out to save pennies.

The deals ought to be different per person – so do your maths for each of them. You never know, Wargaming might have decided to actually give us deals. But, at least there is a free deal each day – we are guaranteed to get something.

Update 17/11/21

It looks like the deals might actually be deals! Of course, some more valuable for others. For instance, the 11,000 Gold deal for the CS-52 LIS and Chinese Ceramics 2D Style is great if you don’t already own the vehicle! In true Wargaming fashion, they haven’t published the website yet, but you can find it below:

My Deals:

Day 1 (Took the Free Option)
I want the Chinese Ceramics 2D style, but am not spending 11,000 Gold for it

Day 2 (Took the Aufklärungspanzer Panther and Barracks Bunks)

Day 3 (Just the Demounting kits for me today)

Day 4 (Tempted by the Swedish 3D Styles, but only took the emblems)

Day 5 (Already have Type 62, Bourrasque and 3D Styles for my E75 TS and Löwe, not interested in one for FV4202, so free option it is again!)

Day 6 – Free option for me again today

Day 7 – Free Option and Chinese Ceramics for me today. Already have all of the tanks, but I do want the Surströmming 2D Rhubard and Custard style, so might end up paying the credits for the Strv M/42-57, which I already own, just for the style).

4 thoughts on “Daily “Deals”

    1. No problem!
      Yes it looks like the deals are now actually deals! A premium vehicle for credits, in my opinion, is always a good deal – even better for Free to Play players who might have some credit reserves!
      I look forward to seeing the deals over the coming days and will continue to update this post with what I get each day.

      1. I have multiple accounts (my main accout, then an ‘alt” acount, then one of my daughter).
        We had 3 deal to buy tanks for credits :
        -Tier 4 Pz.Kpfw B2 740 (f) in exchange of 750 000 credits
        -Tier 7 Type 62 in exchange of 5 000 000 credits
        -Tier 7 IS-2M in exchange of 5 000 000 credits

        1. I do like how there are premium tanks for credits – the Pz. B2 is absolutely worth the 750k, it’s a fun tank and has preferential matchmaking, so only sees Tier 4.
          As for Tier 7’s, I personally don’t want to spend out on Tier 7 premiums, even if it is credits.

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