Armistice Day Special

Use code “2021ARMISTICE” for

1 day of WoT Premium

Or, click [HERE]

Discover more bonus codes…

Claim your free decal by visiting this website and hitting the orange “claim” button (you must be signed in to your Wargaming account): Remembrance Day: Free Emblems, Discounts, and Rewards | Special Offers | World of Tanks (

(Available from November 11 at 05:00 through November 18 at 05:00 UTC)

Discounts (Available from November 11 at 05:00 through November 15 at 05:00 UTC)

x5 XP for the First Win

1 Gold = 25 35 Free XP

50% credit discount on Tier IV – V

30% credit discount on Tier VI – VII*

15% credit discount on Tier VIII – X*

*Excluding Czechoslovakian heavy tanks

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