October 2021 – Month in Review

October was a spooky event-ridden month, with The Return of the Waffenträger, Frontline Stage 3 and Mirny-13!

I’ve decided to set a definitive template for the Month in Review, because I was missing things here and there in previous months. So, now, you can click to expand each section to reveal the detailed account of the month’s events, or decide to just read the headings for a quick round-up. Please let me know if you prefer this template!

Game Updates  - Click to expand
Update 1.14.1 arrived October 13, bringing with is the Chinese Tech Tree rebalance and some quality of life improvements for field modifications.
World of Tanks gained achievements on steam mid-way through the month. The achievement list, in my opinion, isn't particularly imaginative.
The Prime Gaming Creepin' It Real Bundle was added in Micropatch on October 21, with a unique medal, decal and 2D style. No commander unfortunately!
There were also several micropatches towards the end of the month to fix the numerous bugs in Mirny-13.

Update 1.14

Chinese Tank Rebalance

Type 59 and Type 59 G

  • Decreased gun dispersion from 0.39 to 0.35 m
  • Decreased reload time from 8.4 to 7.9 s
  • Increased top speed from 56 to 60 km/h


  • Decreased dispersion on turret traverse by 17%
  • Decreased aiming time from 2.7 to 2.5 s


  • Decreased dispersion during movement and on hull traverse for the WZ-120 suspension by 11%
  • Decreased dispersion during movement and on hull traverse for the WZ-120 model 3 suspension by 12%
  • Decreased dispersion of the 100 mm 62-100T gun from 0.38 to 0.36 m
  • Decreased dispersion of the 122 mm 60-122T gun on turret traverse by 14%
  • Decreased aiming time of the 122 mm 60-122T gun from 3.4 to 2.7 s
  • Decreased aiming time of the 100 mm 62-100T gun from 2.9 to 2.5 s


  • Decreased dispersion during movement and on hull traverse for the 110 suspension by 20%
  • Decreased dispersion during movement and on hull traverse for the 110-1 suspension by 22%
  • Decreased dispersion of the 100 mm 62-100T gun from 0.38 to 0.36 m
  • Decreased aiming time of the 100 mm 62-100T gun from 2.9 to 2.5 s


  • Decreased dispersion of the 122 mm 371-122JTX gun from 0.44 to 0.43 m
  • Decreased dispersion of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun from 0.38 to 0.36 m
  • Decreased aiming time of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun from 2.3 to 2 s
  • Increased penetration of the Po-411RH shell for the 122 mm 371-122JTX gun from 250 to 280 mm
  • Increased penetration of the Chuan bei-411CJ shell for the 122 mm 371-122JTX gun from 190 to 212 mm
  • Increased top speed from 50 to 56 km/h


  • Decreased dispersion during movement and on hull traverse for the T-34-1 suspension by 8%
  • Decreased dispersion during movement and on hull traverse for the T-34-1 model 2 suspension by 9%
  • Decreased dispersion of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun from 0.38 to 0.36 m
  • Decreased reload time of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun in the T-34-1 turret from 5 to 4.8 s
  • Decreased aiming time of the 100 mm 44-100JT gun from 2.7 to 2.5 s
  • Decreased aiming time of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun in the T-34-1 turret from 2.9 to 2 s
  • Decreased aiming time of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun in the T-34-1 model 2 turret from 2.3 to 2 s

Type 58

  • Decreased dispersion of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun from 0.38 to 0.36 m
  • Decreased reload time of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun from 5 to 4.8 s
  • Decreased aiming time of the 85 mm 56-85JT gun from 2.3 to 2 s

Type T-34

  • Decreased dispersion during movement and on hull traverse by 8%
  • Decreased dispersion of the 57 mm 55-57FG gun on turret traverse by 29%
  • Decreased aiming time of the 57 mm 55-57FG gun from 2.3 to 2 s

Full Patchnotes

Map Changes

In the southeastern part of the Mannerheim Line map (squares J8 and K6), terrain irregularities that caused vehicles to slide into the water have been smoothed out. Parts of the slope where vehicles will lose traction with the surface are highlighted with a texture.

Field Modification

The selection of the Alternate Configuration appearing before a battle starts can now be switched off. The setting is separate for each specific vehicle. This can be done directly in the Field Modification screen of a vehicle, separately for the Essentials Loadout (consumables and shells) and the Auxiliary Loadout (equipment and directives).

Functionality for changing the ammo type on the battle loading screen has been added.

Functionality for a quick swap between Dual Modifications in the Field Modification screen has been added. The previous Dual Modification is now canceled automatically.

WoT portal: Players can now apply role filters when searching for and sorting vehicles.

Movement Physics (changes due to the test of the M-IV-Y)

The Spare Track mechanic has been added.
The animation of damaged track pieces for vehicles with spare tracks has been added.
The suspension repair speed parameter has been added to the list of technical characteristics.
The Repair skill has been added to the vehicle comparison menu.

Battle Mode Selector

A new size for the tiles in the mode selector has been added.

The mode tiles in which Battle Pass Points can be earned are now marked accordingly.


The gun reload timer now displays hundredths of a second.

For some vehicles, the standard number of shells in the ammo rack has been changed to better match the current game situations. The already loaded ammo has not been changed.

Changes to Technical Characteristics of the Following Vehicles (in addition to the Chinese Tech Tree rebalance)


Cruiser Mk. I, Cruiser Mk. II

  • The AP Mk. 1T shells for the QF 2-pdr Mk. IX prototype gun have been replaced with the AP Mk. 1Tp shells, but their parameters remain unchanged.

The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Caliban


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: KV-1 shielded

The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Object 590


The following vehicle was added for testing by Supertest players: M-IV-Y

The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Convert Medium Tank T3.


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Bofors Tornvagn

Known Issues

  • In some cases, the sequence of events in the damage log is distorted.
  • In some cases, falling trees fall through the terrain.
  • Upon successful completion of the Alliance-14 mission during the Chimera operation, the failed mission icon is displayed after the battle.
  • The Battle Results screen is missing an entry about the completion of the last mission in a series.
  • When shooting at the ground from a distance of over 500 m, the hit effect is displayed next to the vehicle that made the shot.
  • When mounting the Experimental Optics equipment, the view range value is rounded down.
  • The conditions of Personal Missions are not displayed upon pressing N in Grand Battles.
  • When using the “Driving to position!” command on a pre-battle marker, the chat does not display the corresponding message.
  • On the Normandie map in Frontline mode, some Swedish tank destroyers may spawn on their side.
  • In the team panel, vehicle names are displayed with different fonts.
  • Missing voice notification about hitting an enemy vehicle with its subsequent destruction.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue of players with suitable system requirements seeing a message about poor performance in the Frontline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of hanging notifications about battle events in the Frontline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the “Contested” message being displayed after capturing some zones in the Frontline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the reason for disciplinary punishments not being displayed in the Frontline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the Primary Vehicles filter being reset when selecting a vehicle on the vehicle panel in the Frontline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the player’s progress level not visually changing after the start of a new Stage in the Frontline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of, during the preview of some 3D styles, the vehicle model changing to that of the vehicle returning from battle.
  • Fixed the issue of the frequency of map repetition in the rotation being increased.
  • Fixed the issue of the “Armor not hit” message being displayed upon destroying an enemy vehicle.
  • Fixed the rare issue of teams being formed with a significant difference in vehicle tiers.
  • Fixed the description of the “Win Alone vs Enemies” engraving.

Steam Achievements

As they are Steam achievements, they can only be earned if you play the game through the Steam client. The game was added recently to the Steam Store, and it is not possible for an existing account to be transferred to the Steam ecosystem. So, good for new players, fairly pointless for veterans.

You can see the full list [HERE]. It’s fairly generic and consists mainly of accumulative achievements, such as earn X amount of Credits, XP, Free XP… And cause X amount of damage in Y class… In fact, I didn’t plan on listing every achievement here and instead picking out the interesting ones to discuss, but only two seem “interesting” to me!

You Can’t See Me
Destroy two Tier IV–X enemy light tanks in a Random Battle.

This one ought to be easier in the lower tiers, especially Tier IV, as you can be matched against Tier III’s where >50% of the enemy teams are light tanks.

Small but Smart
Cause and/or enable your allies to cause at least 2,000 HP of damage in one Random Battle when playing in a light tank.

A 2K damage and/or assisted damage game isn’t so tough in a light tank, but out of the entire list I would say this one would probably be the most challenging for some players.

What are your thoughts on the Steam achievements? Could this pave a way for an achievement system to be introduced to the main game? Many MMO’s have such a system in some form of another. If WoT gained one, I would expect to see small rewards like we see in the Topography game mode.

Prime Gaming Creepin’ It Real Bundle

Trick or Treat MedalHappy Haunting! Decal
Care for Scare 2D Style

Full details on the Prime Gaming Creepin’ It Real Bundle in the “Twitch Drops & Prime Gaming” section below!

Events - Click to expand
The Return of the Waffenträger ran from September 27 through October 11, matching a single Blitzträger auf E110 vs seven Harriers (Object 140 'Resistor', M48A5 Patton 'Thunderbolt' and Bat.-Châtillon 25 t 'Foudre'.)
This was the first time Wargaming published the drop chances for loot box rewards, no doubt influenced by the World of Warships Missouri Scandal.
Frontline Stage 3 ran from October 18 through October 24, with no changes to the mechanics.
Mirny-13 started on October 28, but as most of this event will be in November, I'll summarise the event in November's Month in Review

The Return of the Waffenträger

Object 140 “Resistor”M48A5 Patton “Thunderbolt”

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t “Foudre”Blitzträger auf E 110 Blitzträger auf E 220
Played by Wargaming staff and Community Contributors

Harriers’ Collection

Engineer’s Collection

Loot “Gates” (Boxes)

Harriers’ Starters drop a collection item, or at least one of:

Personal Reserves,
Days of WoT Premium Account
Demounting Kits
Garage Slots

Engineer’s Starters guarantee one of the following:

Personal Reserves
Days of WoT Premium Account
Demounting Kits
Crew Books


“Special custom looks and decals not included in event Collections”
Harrier-themed 3D Styles for the Object 140, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, or M48A5 Patton


ASTRON Rex 105 mm (NEW American Autoloader Medium)
Lansen C
Turtle Mk. I
EMIL 1951
E 75 TS
Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC
T26E4 SuperPershing

With 60 Engineer’s Starters, you can activate the vehicle gate and be guaranteed the ASTRON Rex 105 mm

The drop chances for an Engineer’s Starter in a Harriers’ Gate was 1%; an Engineer’s Starter or a 3D Style from the Engineer’s Gate 5%; and a Premium Vehicle from the Engineer’s Gate 2.4%.

If you rolled a Premium Vehicle, you were guaranteed a vehicle you did not already own, and if you owned them all, you received Gold compensation.

I was extremely fortunate to get all three 3D Styles, the ASTRON Rex 105 mm, Turtle Mk. I, EMIL 1951 and a Gold compensation for the M41D. Rough maths put my drop chances of a premium vehicle at 5%, not the suggested 2.4%.

Whilst there was still a lot of RNG and luck/gambling based rewards for this event, publishing the drop chances for the rarest items is certainly a step in the right direction. I have no doubt this was influenced by the World of Warships Missouri Scandal and look forward to seeing Wargaming expanding on this transparency for the Holiday Ops loot boxes in December.

Frontline Stage 3

Frontline Stage 3 ran from October 18 through October 24. No changes were made to this stage and by the end of the week it seemed a lot of players had lost interest, with very few people in the queue. I enjoyed this stage more than the previous stage, but played less. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this season of Frontline, with Stage 4 due to start in November.

Weekend Specials - Click to expand
October saw the return of the regular weekend specials, starting with a once-a-year celebration of the German Reunification, Crippling Blow Missions, XP Fever Missions, Training Rumble Missions and Double Crew XP.

German Reunification – October 1 through October 4

1 Free XP = 10 Crew XP
50% Credit discount on Tier IV and V German Vehicles
30% Credit discount on Tier VI and VII German Vehicles
15% Credit discount on Tier VIII to X German Vehicles
50% Gold discount on Barracks bunks
25% Gold discount on customizations
50% Gold discount on crew training/re-training
50% Gold discount on skill resets
25% gold discount on crew specialization changes

Crippling Blow Missions – October 8 through October 11

Damage or destroy 5 different enemy modules or crew members in a single battle for x2 Crew XP for the battle.

Cause 750 HP of damage in a battle for 1 Large First Aid Kit.

Damage or destroy at least 30 different enemy modules or crew members over any number of battles for 1 300% Crew XP (1hr) Reserve.

XP Fever Missions – October 15 through October 18

1 Gold = 25 35 Free XP

The missions were different to what we are used to. Instead of the 10,000 / 8,000 / 6,000 XP pay-outs, we instead had x3 XP for winning the battle and being among the top 10 on the team by base XP earned.

Training Rumble Missions – October 22 through October 25

Be among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned for x1.5XP; and deal 10,000 damage over any number of battles for x4 Large Repair Kits. Hitting 50,000 damage scored a piece of equipment of your choice.

Double Crew XP Missions – October 29 through November 1

Place among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned for x2 Crew XP.

Top of the Tree - Click to expand
The Chinese Light, WZ-132-1; and Soviet Heavy, IS-4, were top of the Tree starting on the 5th and 20th of October respectively, replacing the French Tank Destroyer, Foch B; and German Heavy, Maus.

no images were found


Leaks & Speculation - Click to expand
Not many true leaks made it through this month, but there was plenty of speculation!
On October 4, the support pages detailing the Black Market were updated to include terms for purchasing with Bonds - it's likely we'll see lots available for Bonds in Black Market 2022.
The biggest leak was the Twitch data leak on October 6 where the earnings of popular streamers were leaked. Several World of Tanks Content Creators were in the top 1,000 and 10,000 of the platform's streamers.
On October 13 the World of Tanks Plus subscription program went live on the Chinese servers along with an anime team-up with Year Hair Affair.
World of Tanks Plus is China's equivalent to Prime Gaming, but is a dangerous precedent which may see the subscription program brought over to other server regions.
Also on October 13, the World of Tanks EU Twitter account may have inadvertently confirmed a Spanish Tech Tree. They tactfully altered their response to the leaks we saw a few months ago.

Black Market 2022: Vehicles for Bonds

The RU, NA and ASIA support articles were updated just before October to include the term Bonds in reference to how you may earn rare in-game goods.

It was reported that a Wargaming Employee has said the Chieftain will be featured, but with no evidence. The vehicles featured in the Black Market are kept heavily under wraps by Wargaming, with employees on a need-to-know basis. Just before the 2021 event, CabMech said how even he did not know what the upcoming deals were, so it is important to look at this with an open mind.

Yes, it is possible a Wargaming Employee has said this – and if you think about it, it could be a calculated move by Wargaming so people can start to save their Bonds and not be short when the event rolls round. On the other hand, it’s quite easy to make assumptions, which I don’t want to do, especially without evidence. Even with evidence, things can change at the last minute.

This won’t stop me from saving every Bond I can – what with the Chieftain seemingly removed from the Clan Wars rewards, it would make sense to open it up to a wider audience, especially during the first event where Bonds may be spent.

I doubt we’ll learn anything more until much closer to the event, but I will keep my ear to the ground in case anything else reveals itself.

The Black Market is expected at the end of the First Quarter of 2022.

Read more about the Black Market…

Twitch Data leak

Twitch has not confirmed if all of the allegedly leaked data is legitimate, but according to the BBC, many top streamers have confirmed that their reported earnings from the data leak were accurate. So, this leads us to the big question: Just how much do WoT Streamers make? These figures, presumably in USD $, would only take into account Subscription and Ad revenue – donations, sponsorships and income tax won’t be included.

It is also reported that this leak contains the Twitch website source code – if all of the data is legitimate, it will be one of the largest leaks in history. 

If you haven’t already, reset your Twitch password now!

Read more about the Twitch Data Leak…

World of Tanks Plus

A new subscription package is currently being trialled in China – it was added to the game files with 1.14.1.

World of Tanks Plus is a subscription service which offers several bonuses to your game:

  • Earn up to 3% Gold cashback on Premium store purchases,
  • Earn up to 500 Gold per week (up to 2,000 per month) in Random Battles,
  • Take a free Rental of either the new WZ-132-II, Object 703 II, or Centurion 5/1 RAAC,
  • Chose one crew to receive 240 crew experience per hour, no matter if you are logged into the game or not,
  • Daily bonus directives, and
  • A unique WoT Plus badge.

The price for 30 days is 43 yuan, which equals roughly €5.70 / £4.80

I am a little confused as to why this is being trialled on the Chinese servers – their ecosystem is vastly different to EU, which again is different to RU. I can’t see Wargaming getting an accurate representation of whether or not the subscription service would work for other regions, without testing it on those regions. It is being reported that World of Tanks Plus is being trialled for six months on the Chinese servers, but part of me feels we will see it sooner. These reports later changed to say that it was only ever going to be a Chinese-server feature and is their equivalent to Prime Gaming (as they do not get Amazon Prime in China).

I’m undecided if I want to see this come to other servers. I do like the idea, but feel it would only be beneficial for people who play several hours a day.

Year Hair Affair

Some fun content was added in 1.14, but unfortunately, this cross-over is exclusive to the Chinese server. It’s a shame, because I’d happily pay Girls und panzer prices for this!

Along with a 2D Style

A unique Brothers in Arms skill

Unique decals

And inscriptions

Flag of Spain
Flag of Spain photo created by www.slon.pics – www.freepik.com

Spanish Tech Tree

World of Tanks EU enjoy posting historical pictures of tanks to see if their followers can identify them.

In May, it leaked that a Spanish Tech Tree may be coming to World of Tanks late 2022 / 2023, with images of the Spanish flag appearing beneath the Italian one in the Tech Tree, and what is presumably the M47E as a Premium Tier VIII Vehicle. It was important to keep an open mind, as there wasn’t a great deal of information with the leak, and such information could easily have been falsified. However…

WoT EU’s most recent quiz may have just caused them to confirm a Spanish Tech Tree!

Twitter user @EnricoMicheli guessed the tank in the image (not pictured above) was the Spanish Verdeja 1, commenting that it “might come with the Spanish tree“, but this was quickly shot down by @WorldofTanksEU, saying “We don’t have plans for a Spanish techtree 😉

@EnricoMicheli challenged this with the image from the alleged leak, and the tell is in @WorldofTanksEU’s next answer!

We never announced a Spanish tech tree” 

If Wargaming were not planning a Spanish Tech Tree, they would have said so! With this in mind, it’s possible the person behind the social accounts is not privy to this kind of information and is diplomatically answering questions (which, for the record, I prefer compared to just ignoring people). If the Spanish Tech Tree is coming to World of Tanks, I would expect Crew 2.0 to have put it on hold whilst Wargaming sort that fiasco out first!

Read more about Crew 2.0…

Test Servers - Click to expand
Several vehicles were added to the Supertest this month. The Tier V Soviet Heavy, KV-1 screened; Tier IX Inverse-Autoreloader Soviet Medium, Object 590; Tier VIII American Yoh Tank Premium, M-IV-Y; Tier III American Medium, T3 Convertible, Tier VIII Swedish Heavy, Bofors Tornvagn; Tier X American Yoh Tank, M-V-Y; and Tier VIII Chinese Heavy Tank, WZ-114.
Erlenberg and Siegfried Line are also receiving a rebalance, with various tweaks to lessen the overall strength of one particular spawn.


“The top vehicle is coming to the Supertest with two guns—105 mm and 120 mm. The first gun is more accurate and has higher damage per minute, while the second one has higher damage per shot. Testing will show which gun will be in the final configuration when the branch is released.

The 105 mm gun causes 360 damage per shot. Penetration of the main APCR shell is 268 mm, and the special HEAT shell has 315 mm of penetration. The gun has as accuracy of 0.35, aiming time of 2 s, and reload time of 7.8 s.

The 120 mm gun causes 440 damage per shot. Penetration of the main AP shell is 252 mm, and the special HEAT shell has 300 mm of penetration. The gun has an accuracy of 0.38, aiming time of 2.5 s, and reload time of 10.5 s.

The vehicle’s frontal armor reaches 355 mm in the turret area. Its durability is 2,200 HP. The vehicle has a specific power of 18.4 h.p./t which enables it to reach speeds of up to 40 km/h.
The M-V-Y is a heavy tank whose decent gun depression/elevation angles and armored turret help it take advantage of terrain irregularities. Its new reserve track mechanics allows for increased survivability even if the enemy is trying to immobilize you, giving you new tactical options on the battlefield.”

From: M-V-Y the Yoh Company Top of the Tree goes to the Supertest – Supertest News – World of Tanks official forum

Additional stats

  • Dispersion during turret rotation (105mm) – 0.06
  • Dispersion during turret rotation (120mm) – 0.1
  • Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.16
  • Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.16
  • Dispersion after shot (both) – 4
  • Shell Velocities (105mm) – 1472/1173/945
  • Shell Velocities (120mm) – 1120/1120/900
  • Terrain Resistances – 1.2/1.3/2.4

Read more about Yoh Tanks…

“The vehicle has a 122 mm gun which can cause 360 damage per shot. Its standard AP shells penetrate up to 208 mm, while the special HEAT shells can penetrate 270 mm of armour. It has an aiming time of 3.6 s and a reload time of 12 s.

However, its main distinguishing feature among heavy tanks of its tier is a good accuracy of 0.33, which allows for landing more precise shots at weak spots, as well as firing at enemy vehicles from a distance.

It has a top speed of 30 km/h, and a specific power of 10.7 h.p./t.

The frontal turret armour thickness reaches 300 mm, while the thickness of the hull is 125 mm. A large HP pool of 1,800 HP combined with good frontal armour improves the vehicle’s survivability on the battlefield.

The WZ-114 is a heavy tank with strong frontal armour, low speed, but excellent accuracy for a heavy tank. Confront enemies head-on, preferably supported by allies who do not allow mobile tanks to flank you or impose manoeuvrable battle tactics that favour them. Good accuracy opens up a relatively rare opportunity for heavy tanks to fight confidently at medium and long distances.”

From: New to the Supertest: WZ-114 – Supertest News – World of Tanks official forum

Additional stats

  • Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.3
  • Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.3
  • Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.3
  • Dispersion after shot – 7
  • Shell Velocity – 800/640/640
  • Terrain Resistances – 1.1/1.2/2.5

Map Rebalances

Balance changes to the Erlenberg map

The Erlenberg map will be removed from the Encounter Battle mode.

Balance changes were made to the Erlenberg map for the Standard Battle and Assault modes to equalize the opportunities of the teams.

1. A part of the building has been removed to improve the connection between the teams.

2. Changed the house model to minimize long-range shooting when crossing the river.

3. Improved position comfort.

Read more about the Erlenberg map changes, with before / after photos…

Balance changes to the Siegfried Line map

1. A position with a bunker for the lower base team has been added, which allows control of the field and passage in the city similar to the position of the upper team.

2. Improved access to the city for the lower base team, as well as for the attackers in Assault mode.

3. Driving along the ruins has been made more comfortable.

4. Cleared and slightly improved the defensive position in the lower base city.

5. Removed several fir trees that facilitated firing at the lower base without being spotted.

Changed the spawn points in Assault mode to allow the assault team to take control of more of the map than before.

Read more about the Siegfried Line Map Rebalance, with Before / After Photos…

Twitch Drops & Prime Gaming - Click to expand
Only two Twitch Drops events this month! In September we had three in one weekend!
The WoT7 Finals occurred October 23 and 24, with Twitch Drops for Large Consumables, decals and WoT Premium and the Halloween Streams kicked off the Mirny-13 Event with drops for event keys, decals, a 2D Style and WoT Premium.
The Creepin' It Real Prime Gaming bundle arrived on October 28, featuring the Mauerbrecher, Lansen C, AMX 13 57 and SU-122-44 - and the usual set of missions and rewards.

The “Creepin’ it Real” Prime Gaming bundle is available now and ends November 25 at 11:00 UTC

Grab your loot

Choose two from:

  • A 10-day rental and 15% discount on:
    • VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher, Tier VIII German Heavy,
    • Lansen C, Tier VIII Swedish Medium,
  • A 10-day rental and 20% discount on:
    • AMX 13 57, Tier VII French Autoloader Light,
    • SU-122-44, Tier VII Soviet Tank Destroyer
  • x5 x5 XP Missions, and
  • x5 Coffee with Cinnamon Buns (Swedish Food Consumables).

Guaranteed rewards:

  • x5 x5 XP Missions,
  • x1 day of WoT Premium,
  • A brand-new set of missions, which must be completed using any of the four vehicles listed above,
  • “Happy Haunting!” decal,
  • “Trick or Trick” medal, and
  • 10 Decryption Keys, and
  • “Care for Scare” 2D Style


Premium Store - Click to expand
Several rarities found their way onto the Premium Store this month, including the Polar Star 3D Style for the GSOR 1008, available separate to the vehicle for the first time; and Progetto 46, available for the first time in over a year, with the exception of being available for Gold in the 2021 Black Market.
We also saw multiple new bonus codes for tank rentals, x5 missions and consumables.

Premium Vehicle Sales

  • ELC EVEN 90, available as Tier VIII of the Week from September 29 through October 6,
  • 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger, available celebrating the German Reunification, from October 1 through October 4,
  • KV-220-2, available as a Collector’s Gem, from October 5 through October 7,
  • SU-122-44, available as Tier VII of the Week, from October 6 through October 13,
  • T-44-100 & TL-1 LPC “Offspring”, available from October 8 through October 12,
  • KV-2 (R), available from October 12 through October 14,
  • Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger, available as Tier VII of the Week, from October 13 through October 20,
  • Object 703 Version II with Oryx 3D Style, available from October 15 through October 19,
  • MKA, available in the monthly premium bundle, from October 15 through November 15,
  • SU-130PM, Object 274a & GSOR 1008 with Polar Star 3D Style, available from October 18 through October 25,
  • Sexton I, available as a Collector’s Gem, from October 19 through October 21,
  • FV201 (A45), available as Tier VII of the Week, from October 20 through October 27,
  • Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque with 1998 ZZ 10 3D Style, available from October 22 through October 26,
  • SU-85i, available as a Collector’s Gem from October 26 through October 28,
  • Progetto M35 mod. 64, available from October 27 through November 5,
  • T26E3 Eagle 7, available as Tier VII of the Week, from October 27 through November 3,

Bonus Codes

World of Tanks EU YouTube 150,000 Subscriber Celebration

Dates signify the last time they worked successfully.

Only one of the following codes will work per account
Each code is limited to 10,000 activations

Only one of the following codes will work per account
Each code is limited to 10,000 activations

  • [XMONIWOTYTNOVEMBER] 29 October 21
    • x3 x5 XP Missions
    • x3 Large Repair Kits
    • x3 +200% Crew XP (1hr) Reserves

2,000 activations for the Joker code

  • [P83D150KYTJOKER] 30 Oct
    • x3 Days of WoT Premium
    • x3 Dragon Decals
    • x3 x5 XP Missions
Frontline Quiz – 5 Battle Rental of each – Codes expired October 24 with the ability to purchase any of the tanks for Gold, regardless of your rental, until October 27.
  • [IAMT54FP2021] – T54 First Prototype – 6,880 Gold
  • [IAMLANSENC2021] – Lansen C – 7,000 Gold
  • [IAMVK75012021] – VK 75.01 (K) – 7,500 Gold
  • [IAMTURTLE2021] – Turtle Mk. I – 9,000 Gold
  • [IAMM41902021] – Lekpz M 41 90 MM – 6,100 Gold
  • [IAMELCEVEN2021] – ELC EVEN 90 – 5,180 Gold
  • [IAMCAERNARVON2021] – Caernarvon Action X – 8,240 Gold
  • [IAMSTRVS12021] – Strv S1 – 8,580 Gold
World of Tanks EU Twitter – someone’s been watching Squid Game…


In other news... - Click to expand
We ran a 5,500 Gold Giveaway in an attempt to reach a wider audience. It had a mixed reception because of the methods I included to earn an entry, so I will remember this for any future giveaways!
Windows 11 has begun rolling out and Wargaming have confirmed the game should be just fine to run, but are constantly monitoring the situation.
Yogscast have teamed up with Wargaming to provide a unique invite code for the chance to win a 10,000 Gold, a T-34-85M, Excelsior, T-29, T2 Light Tank and a Progetto 46.
Wargaming have announced the end of support for NVIDIA SLI technology.
Wargaming have added the ability to link your YouTube account to your Wargaming account.
On October 22 I decided to revert TwoLinePush.com back to the original theme. I wasn't 100% with the newer theme, so decided to roll back to the one we knew best. On October 27 I published a roadmap detailing my plans for TwoLinePush.com, and on October 30 moved the website to new hosting.

5,500 Gold Giveaway

A few of you have recently reached out with words of encouragement – thank you! I would like to give back to you by hosting a 5,500 Gold giveaway for EU and NA players!

If the giveaway isn’t loading below, follow this link.

Thank you for your feedback regarding the giveaway! I will be the first to admit I’m out of touch with Twitter and Facebook, and having them included in the methods of entry received a mixed response. I’ll consider this should I decide to run another giveaway in the future.

View Giveaway

TwoLinePush.com Roadmap

 I would like to share with you my roadmap for TwoLinePush.com. Once I have ticked everything from the list, the website will essentially be where I want it to be, but that’s not to say I don’t make changes/think of new features further down the line.

 I’m not going to set a deadline for these tasks, as I’m sure the list will be completed out-of-order, but of course I will aim to achieve some of the more important ones first.

Bonus Codes Page

I have already created a bonus codes page, but would like to add invite codes to the list, as well as region-specific codes. More on region-specific content later.

Update 29 October 21: The bonus codes page is completed and I need to find the time to get some invite codes onto it and also form an NA bonus codes page.

About Pages

I have already created an ‘about’ page with a brief biography of myself. Once I have some other pages, such as terms/cookie/privacy policies finalised, I’ll get them all added to their own navigation heading.

Update 31 October 21: The about pages are completed and can be found in the nav menu.

Navigation Menu and region-specific content

The navigation menu is all over the place at the moment. I think one of the main problems it has is there’s too many options. I’m going to spend some time re-thinking it, likely merging a lot of the categories together. Two that stand out are the Events and Game Modes categories – I think posts would do just fine under one unified heading for these.

I am from England – I play on the EU servers, so a lot of the content I share (specifically the premium store content & bonus codes) are only relevant to the EU region. A significant percentage of visitors to TwoLinePush.com are from North America, so I feel it is important to be sharing World of Tanks NA-specific content too. I’m not quite sure how I will handle this yet, but know that I see you! My initial thoughts are to just separate the premium store content into clearly labelled EU/NA categories – the majority of the region specific content would fall under “Premium Store”.

Update 30 October 21: I’ve reworked the nav menu’s and am still thinking about how to deliver region-specific content. Most region-specific content would just be premium store stuff, so I might split the premium store categories into EU and NA sections.

Website speed/ hosting

I’m all too aware that, at times, TwoLinePush.com is slow to respond. What’s the quickest way to get somebody to click away from your website?.. Make them wait more than a couple of seconds for content to load!

At first I thought it could be the website’s theme causing the trouble, but after some investigating I can only conclude that, whilst the theme could probably be optimized beyond my scope of knowledge, the server hosting I am using isn’t the fastest. In the coming weeks I’ll be looking into alternative and affordable web hosting to potentially move the website to a new server. A couple of people have generously donated via the button on the right of the page, my deepest thanks to you! Your donations will help me achieve this goal sooner than anticipated – I am a university student, so must account for every penny, and a fiver here and there goes a long way!

Update 31 October 21: Through the generosity of a handful of people, I have been able to move TLP onto a more future-proof server. I have done all I can to optimize delivery and have one more trick up my sleeve should I need it. Thank you!

Additional / original content

One of my driving goals when creating TwoLinePush.com was to create my own content or, at least, be reporting on content that isn’t otherwise blogged about. I feel I have been doing a reasonable job at providing a Month in Review, and formulating my own theories, (see: Prediction: Crew 2.0 Instructors in Black Market 2022, World of Warships Missouri Scandal – Possible positive ramifications for World of Tanks, and Wargaming may have inadvertently confirmed a Spanish Tech Tree for World of Tanks), but feel I could be making a much better effort at this. Once all of the above is well on the way to being achieved, I know I’ll be able to focus more of my efforts on creating original content.

End note about monetization

From day 1 I have not intended to monetize TwoLinePush.com, with the exception of the donate link in the sidebar. This is still my intention, however, should the time come where I need to monetize the website to help towards the running costs, this is something I will explore. We’re far, far from that, but I thought it is important to be transparent about this topic. I’m not here to make a quick buck, I’m here to provide an accurate and reliable source of World of Tanks Leaks and News.

I’m sure I’ll think of more to add to this list, so please keep an eye on it here: TwoLinePush.com Roadmap – TwoLinePush.com

Thank you for your support so far – your messages of encouragement mean a lot to me and I am glad you are finding TwoLinePush.com helpful. Good luck with the Mirny-13 event!

World of Tanks *should* be good to go on Windows 11

“In preparation for the release of the Windows 11 operating system, we carried out initial compatibility tests that did not show serious problems when playing World of Tanks. However, we continue to comprehensively test this operating system. If you encounter technical issues with World of Tanks when using Windows 11, please contact our Support Team to help us fix it. At this point, we are focused on collecting data about these issues so that we can better help our players in the near future. We look forward to your reports!”

From: Wargaming (WG) Player Support

World of Tanks EU have joined forces with Yogscast in an attempt to introduce new players to the game.

By entering into the prize draw, if you are chosen to play in a platoon with the influencers, you can win 10,000 Gold, a T-34-85M, Excelsior, T-29, T2 Light Tank and a Progetto 46.

However, the prize draw is only open to new accounts which have been created using [THIS] link.

Due to the fact that this prize draw is for new accounts only, I think it is going to piss off a lot of people who have been waiting to get their hands on a Progetto, which is possibly one of the most sought after vehicles in the game. The last time it was available on the EU server was during the Black Market event at the beginning of March 2021.

Yogscast were the first UK channel to reach 1 billion views on YouTube and were the 12th most subscribed channel in 2012, when they were primarily making Minecraft content. Their numbers have dwindled over the years, but they still have a strong following. It will be interesting to see if the influx of new players is noticeable – and also how many of them stick around.

End of support for NVIDIA SLI technology

“Dear players!

By the end of February 2022, we plan to stop supporting Nvidia SLI technology due to its low demand among players.

Please note that you will be able to continue using Nvidia SLI after we stop supporting it. However, in this case, we will not be able to guarantee that the game client will work stably.

Thank you for your understanding.”

From: Wargaming Support Center (WG)

I remember SLI being “the thing” about 15 years ago. I had a Dell XPS 630 tower with two Nvidia (480’s?) in SLI. I miss that case, they’re worth a small fortune even today!

You can now link your YouTube account to your Wargaming account.

YouTube caught up with Twitch last year, by enabling developers to provide drops via YouTube streams. It’s likely Wargaming will be aiming to provide drops through YouTube, but it is also possible a replay feature could be in the works. Of course, this is pure speculation (and wishful thinking) but wouldn’t it be great if you could hit a “clip that” button and have it thrown to YouTube? This would be the first step in such a feature!

You can link your YouTube account to your Wargaming account via the Wargaming Account Management page.

Rolling back the TwoLinePush.com theme

The reason for the change in the first place was because I thought the theme was slowing the site down, but it wasn’t, and there are aspects of this one I prefer to the other.

So… There’s some tweaks to make, but this ought to do well from now on.

Moving forward…

I advertised the 5,500 Gold giveaway on Reddit and some Redditor’s had some great feedback for me – thank you again!

From this feedback, I have consolidated all of the promo codes into one page. New codes will still be published as new posts, but they will also be added to the promo codes page. This should eliminate the need to click through multiple posts testing codes! You can find the page here: World of Tanks Promo Codes [EU] – TwoLinePush.com
(I’ll look at getting a list of invite codes together too)

I decided to future-proof the website by moving hosting to a faster server. Unfortunately the DNS propagation got stuck updating, so the new host had to force it to update again – this has led to some issues with browser caches not updating and the website being broken for some users. Annoyingly, the only way for me to tell them to clear their browser cache & cookies is from the website they cannot access. Hopefully they’ll try that on their own!

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