Prime Gaming Creepin’ it Real Bundle available now

The “Creepin’ it Real” Prime Gaming bundle is available now and ends November 25 at 11:00 UTC

Grab your loot

I incorrectly reported earlier that the High Voltage bundle had been extended to tomorrow. Sorry about that – only the in-game missions have been extended.

Choose two from:

  • A 10-day rental and 15% discount on:
    • VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher, Tier VIII German Heavy,
    • Lansen C, Tier VIII Swedish Medium,
  • A 10-day rental and 20% discount on:
    • AMX 13 57, Tier VII French Autoloader Light,
    • SU-122-44, Tier VII Soviet Tank Destroyer
  • x5 x5 XP Missions, and
  • x5 Coffee with Cinnamon Buns (Swedish Food Consumables).

Guaranteed rewards:

  • x5 x5 XP Missions,
  • x1 day of WoT Premium,
  • A brand-new set of missions, which must be completed using any of the four vehicles listed above,
  • “Happy Haunting!” decal,
  • “Trick or Trick” medal, and
  • 10 Decryption Keys, and
  • “Care for Scare” 2D Style

Note: Like last month, it’s taking some time for bundles to be delivered. If you have claimed the bundle, have waited at least 30 minutes, and have logged out and back into the game, re-link your Amazon account with your Wargaming account. If you still don’t have it delivered, be patient. (Even after re-linking my account, it still took ~30 minutes to come through!)


Random Battles only, only in the above mentioned vehicles.

Mission NameObjectiveRewardRestrictions
Creepin' It RealPlay a battle and win, and
Be in the top 10 players by XP earned.
x2 Crew XP, and
1 Token
Ten times per day
Creepin' It Real: 1st RewardCollect 10 Tokens, and
Play a battle and win.
x5 Large First Aid Kits, and
x5 +300% (1hr) Free XP Reserves.
Creepin' It Real: 2nd RewardCollect 20 Tokens, and
Play a battle and win.
x5 Large Repair Kits, and
x5 +300% (1hr) Crew XP Reserves.
Creepin' It Real: 3rd RewardCollect 40 Tokens, and
Play a battle and win.
x5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers, and
x5 +100% (1hr) XP Reserves.
Creepin' It Real: Final RewardCollect 60 Tokens, and
Play a battle and win.
x5 Large First Aid Kits,
x5 Large Repair Kits,
x5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers,
x10 Missions for x5 XP,
x10 Increased Focus Directives, and
x10 Focus on Target Directives.

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