Mirny-13 Premium Store Bundles Sneak Peak

As Mirny-13 Operation Hope has started on the World of Tanks NA servers, we can have a sneak peak at what is available for purchase from the premium store…

Keep in mind that these bundles may be different for EU, but it gives us a good understanding as to what to expect!

Last year a bundle was available which included every reward and this year it looks to be a lot less! Instead, there are two bundles available.

Mirny: Sergeant’s Bundle ~£7.70

  • 2,500 Gold
  • 3 Days of WoT Premium
  • 30 Decryption Keys

Mirny: Captain’s Bundle ~ £23.10

  • 7,500 Gold
  • 10 +50% (1hr) credit reserves
  • 100 Decryption Keys

In-Game there are several options available for Gold

Available: 8, cost: 2,000 Gold

  • 13 Hunter Decals,
  • 10 +50% (1hr) credit reserves,
  • 10 +50% (1hr) XP reserves, and
  • 30 Decryption keys

Available: 1, cost: 5,500 Gold

  • 25 Mosquito Decals,
  • 25 Arms Decals,
  • 30 +50% (1hr) credit reserves,
  • 30 +50% (1hr) XP reserves,
  • 100 Decryption Keys

Decals for Decryption Keys (cost: 10 each)


PalmThe Immortal

And of course, 3D styles for 4,500 Gold each

IS-7 “Rhyolite”

Manticore “Pointer”

Leopard 1 “Blitzlicht”

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