Mirny-13 Event Starting Monday?

Update Monday 25 October:

You can’t predict everything correctly! Monday has come and still no word on this year’s Mirny-13 event start date. When I first predicted today (Monday 25 October) I was forgetting the event would likely run for longer than a week. My next best guess is for it to start this coming Friday 29 October and run for 10 days to the following Sunday 7 November. We should hopefully have an announcement by Wednesday evening.

Original post:

Oops! Tragicloss may have accidentally given us some clues to the start date for this year’s Mirny-13 event!

In the Working as Intended livestream yesterday, (Timestamp: 12:36), they mixed Frontline and Mirny-13 up, thinking that Mirny-13 had started the day before.

If we read a little more into this: She thought Mirny-13 had started yesterday (Monday) – Monday coming is the last of the month and the fact that TragicLoss thought Mirny had started on a Monday would make it fairly safe to assume we should expect the game mode to kick-off on Monday 25th October, running for the week.

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