Wargaming may have inadvertently confirmed a Spanish Tech Tree for World of Tanks

World of Tanks EU enjoy posting historical pictures of tanks to see if their followers can identify them.

In May, it leaked that a Spanish Tech Tree may be coming to World of Tanks late 2022 / 2023, with images of the Spanish flag appearing beneath the Italian one in the Tech Tree, and what is presumably the M47E as a Premium Tier VIII Vehicle. It was important to keep an open mind, as there wasn’t a great deal of information with the leak, and such information could easily have been falsified. However…

WoT EU’s most recent quiz may have just caused them to confirm a Spanish Tech Tree!

Twitter user @EnricoMicheli guessed the tank in the image (not pictured above) was the Spanish Verdeja 1, commenting that it “might come with the Spanish tree“, but this was quickly shot down by @WorldofTanksEU, saying “We don’t have plans for a Spanish techtree 😉

@EnricoMicheli challenged this with the image from the alleged leak, and the tell is in @WorldofTanksEU’s next answer!

We never announced a Spanish tech tree” 

If Wargaming were not planning a Spanish Tech Tree, they would have said so! With this in mind, it’s possible the person behind the social accounts is not privy to this kind of information and is diplomatically answering questions (which, for the record, I prefer compared to just ignoring people). If the Spanish Tech Tree is coming to World of Tanks, I would expect Crew 2.0 to have put it on hold whilst Wargaming sort that fiasco out first!

Read more about Crew 2.0…

Flag of Spain photo created by www.slon.pics – www.freepik.com

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