Sale: T-44-100 & TL-1 LPC “Offspring”

Available from October 8 at 05:00 through October 12 at 05:00 UTC

The T-44-100 is my most played vehicle and has insane accuracy on the move if you have a good crew and use bond equipment. The terrain resistances are fantastic too, making the vehicle very manoeuvrable. The side skirts don’t offer much protection, but the turret is strong, so it is possible to play a ridgeline in certain situations.
Just don’t compare the DPM of this vehicle with your T-34-85M – whilst the DPM is good, it puts it into perspective just how overpowered the T-34-85M is.

[£34.83] [£51.35] [£85.55]

One of my better games in the vehicle:

The TL-1 LPC‘s DPM isn’t great, but it has a strong turret and the Zero-Perk “The Offspring” crew have unique voiceovers and pre-battle-countdown music when playing the vehicle with the 3D style. While the DPM isn’t great, the gun is accurate and packs a punch. Fear this vehicle if you come across it with high HP during the late-game.

[£31.18] [£51.35] [£85.55]

One of my better games in the vehicle, by coincidence, on the same map as before:


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