Twitch data leak – several World of Tanks CC’s in the Top 1,000 and 10,000 Twitch earners

Twitch has suffered a massive data leak of the earnings of it’s top 10,000 streamers from August 2019 to October 2021.

Twitch has not confirmed if all of the allegedly leaked data is legitimate, but according to the BBC, many top streamers have confirmed that their reported earnings from the data leak were accurate. So, this leads us to the big question: Just how much do WoT Streamers make? These figures, presumably in USD $, would only take into account Subscription and Ad revenue – donations, sponsorships and income tax won’t be included.

If you want to see just how much your favourite WoT streamer is making, click to expand the table below. If you don’t want to know, click away…

Click to expand
Streamer Position
(# highest earner)
QuickyBaby 268 496,845.81
skill4ltu 399 380,581.59
Mouzakrobat 438 357,124.34
mailand 779 228,252.31
Dakillzor 844 213,762.74
marty_vole 1393 139,773.28
L4ny_ 2717 78,202.25
cygan___ 3580 61,403.75
DezGamez 4707 47,488.54
ALEXundBANDE 5913 38,676.92
Orzanel 6484 35,637.1
mootality 6658 34,744.06
ALGO_24 7074 32,853.39
06wallst 7079 32,840.04
AzumDzumHzumS 7296 31,988.31
Vdr1984 7602 30,846.83
oldskool 8201 28,669.29

It is also reported that this leak contains the Twitch website source code – if all of the data is legitimate, it will be one of the largest leaks in history. 

It is unknown if personal data of Twitch users/customers is affected by this leak. According to [this Reddit post], passwords are among the leaked data. Change your Twitch password now and activate 2 Factor Authentication if you haven’t done so already. Twitch have a legal obligation to inform their customers if their data has been breached, so I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the coming days. In the time it has taken me to write this article, the pastebin with the top 10,000 earners has been taken down, so it’s possible Twitch is on damage control mode.

Update: Twitch have confirmed the data breach.

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