Strv K, one month later

The Strv K Marathon started a month ago already and it doesn’t look like the vehicle sold very well.

Using, we can see 39,644 players with the vehicle on EU; 88,284 on RU; and only 8,096 on NA. This is not the worst performing marathon, however, as the Kampfpanzer 07 RH was the worst performing marathon to date with only 49,915 on EU; 59,741 on RU; and 9,340 for NA.

The Kampfpanzer 07 RH and Strv K are the only marathon tanks not to have been sold since their marathon event, so it is difficult to compare these stats with other marathons, but even the 122 TM, which has the worst DPM for any Tier VIII Medium, has higher figures than this.

This suggests the players are getting tired of how marathon’s work and it will be interesting to see if Wargaming decide to change up the formulae or not.

Only time will tell – we ought to see a new marathon towards the end of November, just before the Holiday Ops event starts.



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