[TL;DR] Return of the Waffenträger

September 27 at 09:00 through October 11 at 09:00 UTC

Fight with 6 team members against one Blitzträger auf E110/E220. Defeat the Blitzträger to win, or fight as the Blitzträger and defeat the Harriers (by killing the Harriers or surviving until the battle time expires). Team work is key – kill the randomly spawning AI, collect their power and deliver to a randomly spawning location to weaken the Blitzträger, eventually so you may kill it.

Top Tip: Play as the Blitzträger as soon as you can, as people will be unfamiliar with the game mode at the beginning of the event, and winning as the Blitzträger will become more difficult as the event progresses and people learn how to win as the Harriers.

Maps: Murovanka, Siegfried Line, and Steppes

Harrier Vehicles

Object 140 “Resistor”

 M48A5 Patton “Thunderbolt”Bat.-Châtillon 25 t “Foudre”

Engineer Vehicles

Blitzträger auf E 110

Blitzträger auf E 220

No news on how we will see this vehicle yet, but last year Community Contributors were given access to play it.


x4 Crew Members
3,000 Bonds
x4 Camouflage Patterns

Harriers’ Collection

Engineer’s Collection

Loot “Gates” (Boxes)

Complete event missions and defeat the Blitzträger auf E 220 to receive a keys to the gates.

Harriers’ Starters drop a collection item, or at least one of:

Personal Reserves,
Days of WoT Premium Account
Demounting Kits
Garage Slots

Engineer’s Starters guarantee one of the following:

Personal Reserves
Days of WoT Premium Account
Demounting Kits
Crew Books


“Special custom looks and decals not included in event Collections”
Harrier-themed 3D Styles for the Object 140, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, or M48A5 Patton


ASTRON Rex 105 mm (NEW American Autoloader Medium)
Lansen C
Turtle Mk. I
EMIL 1951
E 75 TS
Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC
T26E4 SuperPershing

With 60 Engineer’s Starters, you can activate the vehicle gate and be guaranteed the ASTRON Rex 105 mm

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