Yoh Tanks are coming to World of Tanks

If your initial reaction when seeing picture was “what the actual f?”, you’re not alone… But… The image doesn’t do it any justice. Whilst the designs are whacky, they were blueprint vehicles. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my year of World of Tanks, is that when Wargaming say something will happen, it will happen.

So… Think about this critically. The turret mounts (/ ring) will be weak and easily damaged. The cupolla is not difficult to hit. Wargaming only tell you the “good” stuff. We don’t know what their gun handling will truly be like, or can even form a any opinion on these vehicles until we get to play them on the Test Servers.

Personally, I like the reserve track mechanic. It brings something new and unique to a new tech tree, and Wargaming are clearly wanting to get the balance right. Although “Wargaming” and “Balance” in the same sentence are usually followed by a slight, I think they will be listening and acting on community feedback more since the Crew 2.0 shitshow.

(At least they didn’t use this as a chance to add the Chrysler TV-8 as a Premium!)


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