Your guide to this weekend – don’t miss out on THREE Twitch Drops events, including Tank Wars, Steel Hunter and Tankfest discounts!

Tank Wars – September 17 at 05:00 through September 20 at 05:00 UTC.

Community Contributor Steel Hunter Tournament, September 18 at 14:00 through September 19 at 05:00 UTC

Shield of Anhur 2D Style

Tankfest – September 19 at 14:00 – 18:00 UTC

After 60 minutes:

  • x6 Tankfest inscriptions,
  • x6 Tankfest emblem,
  • x5 Large Repair Kit,
  • x5 Large First Aid Kit, and
  • x5 Automatic Fire Extinguisher.

After 120 minutes:

  • x1 Garage slot,
  • x5 Missions for x5 XP per victory,
  • x2 Personal Reserves: 200% to Crew XP for 1 hour, and
  • Tankfest decal

After 180 minutes, guaranteed one of the following:

  • 3 days of WoT Premium, OR
  • Sherman VC Firefly, OR
  • Type 59.

The drop rates are not published, but expect the Type 59 to have a <1% chance, as well as the Firefly, and the Premium days to have a >99% chance!

Discounts from September 17 at 05:00 through September 20 at 05:00 UTC

Also: The TOG II* and Tiger 131 will be on sale and “plenty of bonus codes” are up for grabs.
Czechoslovakian Heavy Tanks are excluded from the discounts.

Key times to remember

The links below will show “no results found” until the events start

From Friday, September 17 at 05:00 UTC to September 20 at 05:00 UTC – Tank Wars World of Tanks Drops Enabled Channels – Twitch

Saturday, September 18 at 14:00 UTC – CC Steel Hunter TournamentWorld of Tanks Drops Enabled Channels – Twitch

Sunday, September 19 at 14:00 UTC – Tankfest on Official World Of Tanks EU – Twitch

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