Recon Mission Stage 2 Maps

Recon Mission Stage 2 has started today and runs for 11 days.

Map Name: Volga
Filename: 119_turning_point_if

This map was included on the Recon Mission Common Test – Heavies would fight in the West and Mediums in the East. The central parts of the map are large open fields unsuitable for fighting, however, if a light tank could remain unspotted getting into a bush in the centre of the map, they would have a strong advantage. This map is 1000m x 1000m. At the start of Stage 2, this map was in rotation more often than the others. I had it seven times in my first eleven games.

Map Name: Foothills
Filename: 125_highground_v

Heavies and heavy mediums tend to race forward to the Eastern side of the map to brawl, and faster vehicles will race to the West. There is little cover in the West, but you are able to slowly progress between cover if you’re careful. This map is slightly larger than what we are used to – it is 1200m x 1200m. At the start of Stage 2, this map was in rotation less often than Volga. I had it four times in my first eleven games.

Map Name: Place of Power
Filename: 126_asia_ravine_ish

I can’t tell you much about this map, because in my first eleven games I didn’t have it once, and just about every game was a turbo 15-3 game. According to the WG news article, Heavies will fight in the South, Tank Destroyers will snipe from the hills just north and to either side of the centre of the map, and medium tanks will likely spread out to try and achieve a good position verses a weak flank.


Number of BattlesReward
5x3 50% Combat XP (1hr) Reserves
10x3 300% Crew XP (1hr) Reserves
15x3 300% Free XP (1hr) Reserves
201 day of WoT Premium
3020 Vent Purge Directives, and
Unique 2D Style
4020 Stabilizer Greasing Directives, and
1 day of WoT Premium
5020 Orderly ammo Rack Directives,
Exclusive Medal, and
1 Day of WoT Premium

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