Strv K Marathon Challenge – Summary of Rewards

August 27 at 08:00 through September 6 at 08:00 UTC

The same as every other Marathon – grind a lot of XP to progress through 10 levels, each level giving 10% off the Strv K. Once you own the tank, complete missions on specific days for valuable rewards and a discount on the 3D Style. The missions for the 3D Style must be completed in the Strv K.

The Strv K is the first Tier IX Premium in World of Tanks. It earns bonus Credits and Crew XP, as all other Premiums do. The cherry on the top is that you can also earn Bonds in the vehicle…

The Strv K comes with a 0-perk Brothers in Arms crew (Sabaton) – in Crew 2.0 this will be one of the most valuable crew instructors, so it’s worth considering the grind / buying the tank just for this. The tank stats themselves aren’t great – my T-34-85M has more DPM, (although I admit, that’s not a great comparison).

Strv K Stats

Average Damage: 390 / 390 / 480
Average Penetration: 252 / 310 / 5
Shell Velocity AP / APCR / HE: 1,080 / 1,350 / 900
Hit Points: 1,850
Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 40/18

Dispersion at 100m: 0.34
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles: -10/+18
Reload Time: 12
Ammunition: 45
Aiming Time: 2.5

Hull Armor: 90 / 70 / 37
Turret Armor: 254 / 89 / 89

Concealment of Moving Vehicle: 3.08 / 0.64%
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle: 6.21 / 1.3%
Signal Range: 710
View Range: 400

Engine Power: 670
Specific Power: 16.4
Traverse Speed: 30

Summary of Rewards for Chapter I

18Large First Aid Kits
3Automatic Fire Extinguishers
8Large Repair Kits
9+200% (1hr) Free XP Reserves
9+200% (1hr) Crew XP Reserves
9+50% (1hr) Combat XP Reserves
8+50% (1hr) Credits Reserves
6"Kite S Shield" Decals
11Training Booklets (20k SP) (Sweden)
6Days of WoT Premium
1Vertical Stabilizer Class 1
1Gun Rammer Class 1
1Improved Hardening Class 1
1"Plated Armor" 2D Style

(& Garage Slot, Strv K, Sabaton Crew (x5 crew members) with Band of Brothers (Brothers in Arms) as a 0 Perk)

Summary of Rewards for Chapter II

Remember, Chapter II missions must be done in the Strv K and on the specific day! If you miss a day, you miss the mission.
The 3D Style costs 6,000 Gold and each mission grands 12.5% discount, meaning you can miss two missions and still receive the style for free providing, of course, you bought the tank early.

The most valuable rewards here are the Universal Manuals. You must complete the mission on August 29September 1, and September 4 to get a Universal manual each of those days.

30+50% (1hr) Combat XP Reserves
30+200% (1 hr) Crew XP Reserves
21+200% (1hr) Free XP Reserves
15Days of WoT Premium
3Universal Manuals (250K)
1"Spirit of War" 3D Style for Strv K

Rewards on Purchase: 14 Days of WoT Premium and x15 +50% (1hr) Credit Reserves.

“A range of bundles with the tank will be available through to the end of the event (September 6 at 08:00 UTC) and for two more days after so that everyone can get hold of this heavy metal tank.”

It will be interesting to see how Wargaming do this with the % discounts. If there are multiple bundles available, the % discount must knock a certain amount off the bundles, rather than giving you 100% off the most expensive bundle.

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