Crew 2.0 not arriving “anytime soon”

From the World of Tanks NA Discord:

“We have an official statement about Crew 2.0: The amounts of feedback and data that we got per the last iteration of sandbox is so great that we need to go deeper into all what we have so far. Nothing relating to Crew 2.0 will be released anytime soon and we will keep working with our players.”

And from Reddit:

“I really do hope that whatever comes next really focuses on some of the main pain points that were brought up. There were some major issues with the proposed system that need to be addressed and I am really happy to see this from our devs.

The HE changes 1st iteration was almost a year before 2nd and 3rd iterations went to SB. I’m hopeful that we’ll see a similar gap considering the similar reactions between HE it. 1 and Crew 2.0 it. 2.”

Hopefully this means they actually are listening to the feedback and will work on providing a new Crew system the player-base can look forward to, instead of dreading it’s arrival.

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