August Heat Birthday Gift and Rewards

The Birthday Store closes August 24 at 06:00 UTC

Log in each day for a free day of WoT Premium and Gift Ticket (you can earn a maximum of 7 WoT Premium Days and 7 Gift Tickets). The first day you will be given the Soviet Tier IV Medium, T-34 with L-11, (previously named T-34 Model 1940 and T-34 L11 1941), with a 100% crew.

You cannot put a custom style on this tank, but it’s camouflage rating is compensated to act as if you have one applied in battle.

I’ll personally be going for 3,000 Bonds, a Universal Manual and a 0-Perk Brothers in Arms crew member. Think about your choice carefully – in Crew 2.0, Brothers in Arms crew members are going to be extremely valuable during the conversion process, so if you plan on starting a new crew soon, it’s best to start investing into a 0-Perk crew.

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