July 2021 – Month in Review

July 2021 has been a rollercoaster in World of Tanks.

Although we had no major updates, we have had the constant threat of Crew 2.0 weighing on our minds. We’ve seen a new iteration of the Crew 2.0 Sandbox, which is still widely criticised by the community, and two iterations of the Common Test for Update 1.14, which is expected in the middle of August. On top of this, we the disaster of a new game mode, Recon Mission…

Highway Rock

From July 1 through July 12 we were able to pick a team and earn miles and gasoline to claim valuable rewards. Were you Team Velvet Wolves, Sleeping Bears, Futuristic Dragons, or Highway Eagles? Velvet Wolves were the leaders by an enormous margin, earning anyone who chose that team extra gasoline for redemption for many different rewards, which included Large Consumables, Decals, Equipment, Garage Slots, Personal reserves, WoT Premium, 2D and 3D Styles.

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Recon Mission

Recon Mission started on July 5, but was switched off when the curfew kicked in. NA server didn’t get the chance to play the event, as the morning curfew hadn’t ended by the time Wargaming identified they needed to remove the game mode. The game mode saw us testing three new maps, Outpost, Far East and Airshipyard, but due to the matchmaker placing preferential matchmaking tanks into Tier X games (and “other reasons”) Wargaming pulled the plug. We’re yet to hear about this game mode’s return.

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T-34 L11 1941 Soviet Tier IV Medium

On July 8 the T-34 Model 1940 was added to the main game and renamed to the T-34 L11 1941. It is expected to be this year’s Birthday reward.

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Update 1.14, Czech Heavies & Field Modification Common Test

The Tier VII Vz. 44-1, Tier VIII TNH 105/1000, Tier IX TNH T Vz. 51 and Tier X Vz 55 Czech Heavies will arrive with 1.14. The Tier VIII – X’s feature two possible main armaments where the DPM is the same, but one is a regular single-loader and the other is a 2-shot autoloader.

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The map “Japort” was added and renamed to Safe Haven. It featured a multi-levelled area, arty safe area and a reasonable change in terrain height off to the East.

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The biggest new game feature to talk about is Field Modification. In 1.14 we will be able to spend vehicle XP to progress through elite levels for the vehicle, unlocking the ability to add new pieces of equipment to the vehicle which will increase and decrease specific stats. We also unlock the ability to use different equipment layouts, which can be chosen from during the 30 second battle countdown, and the ability to add a second bonus slot for your equipment.

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Sandbox: Crew 2.0

On July 20 through July 26 we had a new iteration of Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox Test Server. At first it appeared Wargaming had listened to player feedback, and they have, but they have also chosen to ignore other important areas. Instructors are no longer RNG, but are still Pay 2 Win, 0 Perk Crews are now accounted for during the conversion process, Arty Lamp will be a free skill by default and the Commander’s bonus has returned.

However, the epic skills are still disgustingly off balance, and the player base is up in arms about it. I’m conflicted, because I like some aspects of Crew 2.0, but all of the others are enough for me to quit the game. We can only hope Wargaming will listen to their playerbase (and community contributors, who seem to all be in agreement), and make appropriate major changes for the next iteration.

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Supertest News

The Supertest has been active this month, with new tanks and map redesigns.

  • July 2, the Soviet Tier IX Autoreloader Medium Object 590 was added,
  • July 5, the Berlin map redesign entered it’s second iteration,
  • July 8, the Chinese Tier VIII Heavy WZ-113-II was added, and
  • July 22, Tech Tree Chinese vehicles, including the Type 59, were rebalanced.

Premium Tank Sales & Summer Sales

This month has been packed with different tanks to buy. We saw the:

  • SU-130PM, FCM 50t, Škoda T 27 available from July 2 through July 6,
  • KV-2 (R) from July 6 through July 8,
  • Strv S1 as Tier VIII of the Week from July 7 through July 14,
  • IS3-A, M41D, TL-1 LPC “The Offspring” from July 9 through July 13,
  • AC1 Sentinel as a Collector’s Gem from July 13 through July 15,
  • AMX M4 MLE. 49 as Tier VIII of the Week from July 14 through July 21,
  • G.I. Joe 3D Styles for TS-5 and T-54 first prototype from July 16 through July 30,
  • T-28E with F-30 as a Collector’s Gem from July 20 through July 22,
  • Löwe as Tier VIII of the Week from July 21 through July 28,
  • TOG II* as a Collector’s Gem from July 27 through July 28,
  • T26E4 SuperPershing as Tier VIII of the Week from July 28 through August 4, and
  • T-44-100, VK 75.01 (K), T-34-3 from July 30 through August 3.

The Summer Sales ran from July 14 through July 23, featuring the Lorraine 40 t, 50TP prototyp, Strv 81, WoT Premium, Somua SM, LT-432, WZ-111 Alpine Tiger, Senlac, M54 Renegade and GSOR 1008 with a new unique 3D style “Polar Star”.

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Weekend Specials

Choose your difficulty ran from July 02 through July 05; Weekend Rumble and Brawl Jul 9 through July 12; Team Effort from July 16 through July 19, Summer Fever from July 23 through July 26 and Wargaming’s birthday from July 30 through August 3.

August 2021

August promises to be a great month for World of Tanks. We should see Update 1.14; and we will see Frontline, a Birthday surprise, the K-91 and Type 5 Heavy as Top of the Tree and more…

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