Wargaming Birthday

July 30 05:00 through August 3 05:00 UTC

x4 XP for first win of the day


50% off gold on Tier II-V Premium vehicles

30% off gold on Tier VI and VII Premium vehicles

15% off gold on Tier VIII Premium vehicles


Part 1Play 1 battle1 Day of WoT PremiumRandom Battles
Tier IV-X
Part 2Cause 1,000 HP of damage in 1 battlex2 Crew XPRandom Battles
Tier IV-X
10 times per account
After the first win multiplier has been used
Part 3Damage or destroy 23 modules or enemy crew members over any number of battlesx3 Large First Aid KitsRandom Battles
Tier IV-X
3 times per day
Part 4Play 23 battles
Place in the top 10 of your team by base XP earned
x3 50% (1hr) XP reserves
x3 200% (1hr) Crew XP reserves
x3 200% (1hr) Free XP reserves
Random Battles
Tier IV0X
Part 5Cause 23,000 HP of damage over any number of battlesx2 food consumables for each nationRandom Battles
Tier IV-X
3 times per account

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